Peace:A Cry Of Our Hearts.

I come from a land that flows not with milk and honey.
I come from a land messed up with paintings of dishonesty and potraits of lies.
They say the land I come from used to be a Greenfield turned into a battlefield.
The land I come from is a paradoxical Hell on Earth.
They say we’ve never had good leaders.
The ones we elected or the ones who belligerently elected themselves.

None was good.

They set out with the goal of making things okay.
Yes they did win but they never changed history.
They sit in sophisticated offices.
Amassing wealth and craving societal fame.
But,they fail to see the millions who in wars have died.
They fail to see how poverty has become our general challenge.
They fail to see the flood caused by orphaned tears.
Instead they recognize the number of houses that needs to be vandalized.
For execution of unaccomplished projects.
They recognize the number of people that needs to be laid off.
They recognize the number of tear gas needed for riot control.

Yet we watch
With our mouths opened.
Voices heard even in the Sahara.
Drowning in our own rivers of tears.
Blood. Chaos.
We see the splatter everywhere.
We know we need absolute peace.
But our posterity is impaired with gross darkness.

So we would believe in something called Hope.
We’ll hope that we wouldn’t be homeless.
We’ll hope that peace is restored.
We’ll hope that sufferings cease to exist.
We’ll hope that our Nation becomes great
Because after the hate comes love.
After the discord comes solidarity.
After the famine comes abundance.
And after the war comes peace.

I have told you this things so that in me you may have peace.In this world you will have troubles.But take heart! I have overcomed the world(John 16:31)

This is the assurance that we have in you Lord Jesus that you’ve overcomed the Earth. You’ve stormed the gates of sufferings and toilings and came out victorious. So we pray for peace. Peace that passes all human understanding. Peace that fills every corner of our country,our homes and our lives. We speak peace to Nigeria and to every one of our leaders. We speak peace into the economy of our country and we ask that it falls into the alignment and balance God created it to be.

We speak to the hearts of various victims of societal challenge,to the hearts of the depressed and to the hearts of your people Lord. We ask that we become lighthouses of your peace and your hope. We stand against violence in our country. Against corruption, against loathing, against prejudice, against fear, against chaos. This is where the war ends Lord. This is where it all ends. ‘Cause peace is a promise you keep.

Glory to God!!!


Holidays have come and gone!! It’s the first week of resumption and I’m really looking forward to seeing all my colleagues especially now that we’re in senior class. Like we’re the big boys and big girls of Atlas High School. Atlas High School has always been my Alma matter.I’ve been a student since my primary school days. And towards the end of the last session,I was among the student whom the management of the school found worthy of becoming a prefect. So I was given the position of the Assistant Head Boy and my best friend John was made the Head Boy.

“Hey Matto, how far” my friend John greeted me that morning while going to school. John was the only one allowed to call me Matto asides my mom,I always insisted on my name being Matthew and not Matto,but they always win, somehow.
“I’m cool”I replied like a really cool guy.
“I heard about one girl coming to resume senior class with us, they said she’s beautiful and intelligent too, she might just be your good luck charm,who knows?”
“Really! We can be friends if she really is the brainy one”
“Who’s talking about only friends with this one,you better wisen up and get a girl in your life”Now John might be intelligent but he’s far from being calm or cool headed. In fact he’s the apple of every girls eyes in school, even the junior students admire him. He also has this strong muscular build,very tall,brawny and able bodied. A big contrast to what I looked like. How he combines academics, his numerous admirers and the extra curricular activities he takes part in is still a mystery to me but John will always be John,the jack of all trades.
“Well John,you should know me already. I’m not one to partake in those your tricks”I reminded him just in case the holidays made him forget my intention to never date a girl till my University years.
“Na you sabi ohh”He replied already getting tired of our talks.
“Alright.. I’ll catch you later today”. And then we went to our various classes.

After we had finished our morning assembly and getting ready for second period,the teacher introduced Tomi to the class. Yeah,so Tomi was the fine girl John talked about.
And speaking of ‘fine’,she was really pretty especially how she dressed her hair so it fell into ringlets in a very attractive manner. Well,this is not the time to start thinking of any fine girl..Senior exams are just around the corner. So let’s get to business.

Weeks went by,and Tomi and i became really close, always going and returning from school together,since we lived close to each other.I became really attached to her, like who wouldn’t be.She was by far the prettiest girl in senior class, intelligent (hopes to be a doctor) and has a great sense of humor. She was already causing some commotion as i would never stop staring at her. Soon my attraction to tomi became a big distraction in my studies as I was now getting a D or C in chemistry and biology. Whatever happened to being a straight A student?. At home I was spaced out thinking of myself and tomi alone, fantasizing about what our future would look like with each other. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m 16, already in senior class so I should at least be allowed to grow feelings. Well,few weeks later,Tomi shows up in my house, telling stories of how she met this University guy online and how they got along real good,so in a nutshell, they’re now dating. Shattered would be an understatement to how I felt but there’s nothing I could do about it. And did I just hear her say she’s dating a university guy she met online!!!..Wow, that has to be a story for another day. I better go back to my studies since I’ve still got time to rearrange my study schedule so it works for me before the examinations.

Goodbye Feelings,see you when you’re needed. Now the priority is to study hard!!


So many people have goals to achieve or rather things to do,but are totally confused on how to go about them. You hear them say “I have to get a job,and I have to finish school,and I have to get good grades,and I have to learn a trade,do this and that.” Now here,you need to decide what things are most important to you and focus on them. The things we focus on are the things we get, whether good or bad. The pressures that people face on daily basis have them tuning in to what the frequency of the world says. Remember the scriptures teaches us that there’s a time for everything. A time to explore and a time to ignore. A time to focus and a time to allow distractions. A time of pain and a time of gain.

So don’t be overwhelmed by the happenings of this world rather set your priorities right and do it properly. Figure out what’s most important to you. Carry out a strategic plan. Stay true to your plan and avoid distractions. Be honest with yourself and remember that it’s absolutely normal for your priorities to change as your lives and circumstances around you change. When you get to this level, do not think you’ve achieved all, instead Reprioritize.

Don’t get frustrated if you need time to figure out what your priorities are especially if it is not the obvious “study hard as a student”case. With a little more patience,you can set your priorities right and take charge of your life. Remember we don’t drift in good directions,we prioritize and discipline ourselves there. Do this today and expect tremendous results.


There Is A God.

Why will some people say there’s no God?
Why will humans believe that existence was a form of science? Hence, there’s no essence for God who reigns in the heavens.
And the Bible is just a fictive work of our imaginations.
Well to prove your hypothesis wrong
There’s a God.

If something as beautiful as the sun still shines
Then there’s a God
If something as the galaxies of stars isn’t comprehendible
Then there’s a God
If the reasons for time zones across nations isn’t explainable
Then there’s a God.

You say there’s no God
Because your infancy was so lonely
And you grew up in pains
Band aids couldn’t cure.

You think there’s no God
Because you lost your job
And almost became the biblical Job
But remember God made that same Job richer, wealthier than Steve Jobs.

You think there’s no God
Because He let him break your heart
And didn’t teach you how to start.
But remember God just strapped you with His dignity
And gave you integrity
So you don’t lose your credibility in this world.

You think there’s no God
Because your loved ones died
And your heart bled
Remember that God didn’t misdial
When He called their mobile
He only took them to an isle
Far better than Dubai.

How can there be no God??
How can there be no God when something as beautiful as myself and yourself exists??
How can there be no God when dark nights are painted with bright stars?

There’s a God I say!!!

A faithful loyal God who pursues you with persistence
Loves you with all His heart
And went all the distance
By donating His only son to die despite the circumstance.

God exists
He is real
But saying something isn’t real is really acknowledging the possibility of its existence.

Happy sunday beloved.Do have a lovely week.

Total Surrender.

First the doctor said it was dysentery, then cholera and now acute malaria. Everyday of my life since I arrived at Igbokoda, one rural area in Ondo state has been hell. No good roads, no constant electricity compared to where I was coming from, no classy girls as friends and to seriously worsen my case, no network!!! I mean of all things, there’s no network in Igbokoda.
Let me quickly introduce myself so I don’t bore you with all my stories that touch. My name is Hailey meaning Highest praise. I come from a family of 4, my dad, mom and my naughty little brother. I’m just 16 but dad says I’m too mature for my age. My Mum is a Doctor and my Dad was a lecturer until he got ‘Called’ like he would put it. Well dad’s call got us all packing and saying goodbyes to everything and everyone in Lagos including my maternal grandparents, and so began our journey to Igbokoda.

Igbokoda like I’ve mentioned before is a very rural area filled with so much pollutions which made me a regular customer at their local hospital. The church dad pastored is a direct opposite of the sophisticated chapel we attended in Lekki but because we had to be good kids to strengthen dad’s ministry, I bottled up all resentments and complains. The only thing that brings joy is the every Friday pepper soup and catfish we get from the members of the church, it can’t be compared to the ones we had in Lagos, it’s worth the hype.
After settling down in our crumbled/crumpled building, I still wondered how I was going to survive another month in this place.

Now, I guess I haven’t mentioned this but I’m a Christian, a born again believer and this is one of the reasons why I had to follow my dad to our new home without throwing a lot of tantrums. But despite all that I do to make myself happy and belong, I feel like I’m at this dead end and I can’t make do of whatever it is that’s happening. In church, I don’t look happy and I heard they’ve already nicknamed me “Aruga baby” meaning ‘the proud baby’. And I’m definitely sure it’s not pride. It’s like something is bugging me, or I haven’t done something very important. I just couldn’t find answers to the numerous questions on my mind and it is looking like I would snap into depression anytime soon.
Sometimes last week, I was invited to this retreat by a classmate and I decided to go since mummy said going out would help me a lot. I went there basically to sightsee and relieve myself but halfway into the Apostle’s teaching, I knew better than to give those reasons up and concentrate. He spoke on submission and total surrendering of our lives to the God who gives life. Gradually, all enigmas started unfolding. I finally found a solution to my problem. I have been so bothered about the transfer issues that I never gave myself a chance to speak to God. I had reduced drastically in my relationship with God and even my parents. I didn’t want to know how my parents were keeping up, at least they sacrificed their jobs and left their comfort zone too. I was just too selfish to see.

So that night, I gave it all to my maker, the excuses, the pains, the bottled-up feelings and everything. I gave it up. I surrendered all to Him. And then for the first time in months, I heard the small still voice again
Talk of words that soothes!!!
Talk of words that brings tears to the eyes, tears of everlasting joy!!!
Talk of words that makes the difference!!
This is our sixth month in Igbokoda and I can proudly say that the Lord has done more than he ever did for us while we were in Lagos. He gave us every reason to praise Him. Remember my name is Hailey!!


Surrendering to God is not resignation or an excuse for laziness. It’s not associated with weakness. It’s not you giving up your dreams,desires and hopes for a purposeless life. Instead, it’s the exact opposite. It’s you enhancing your personality and not diminishing it. It’s you taking your hands off the steering wheel and placing it in God’s hand. It’s you saying ‘Yes Lord’ to whatever He asks you to do.

You see,the irony of life is that everybody eventually surrenders to something or someone;if you don’t surrender to God, you’ll surrender to people’s opinions about you, you’ll surrender to fear,to resentments,to depression,to money,to pride and ego. Now, you’re free to choose what you surrender to but you’re not free from the consequences of that choice. It’s either you surrender to Christ or you surrender to chaos. The choice is all yours. Now is your only chance to surrender to God.

Give in to God,come to terms with Him and everything will turn out just fine(Job 22:21)MSG.

The Journey Begins

Hey beautiful and amazing people!! Trust you all are doing fine.My name is Adewole Adeola Peace of God. I’m a new blogger( I should be excited,right?) I’m a very cool, creative, humorous teenager that loves God passionately and would like to inspire other teenagers in all aspects (Hard right, but His grace is sufficient) I’m a poet and a writer and I’ll like to share my ideas with y’ll.

Yeah,so this blog is a whole new concept for me but with the help of my inestimable readers, we’ll be able to pull this through.Now, I’ll be talking majorly on the different things that we teenagers face and how it affects us directly or indirectly. Everything ranging from personal relationship with God to relationships with the opposite sex and also building the future you’ve always desired. We’ve had enough of the adult talks and their stern warnings. Let’s all talk to ourselves as teenagers to teenagers. Don’t you think it’s gonna be fun? I absolutely think so too!!

Expect stories, poems,prayers and everything,I repeat, everything that concerns teenagers and I’ll wouldn’t be doing the talking alone.Come be my guest, feel free to comment, like and share with other teenagers around the globe.And yes, I’m so open to questions, suggestions or compliants.Your feedback is always appreciated and it goes a long way in encouraging me.I see this blog going higher in the next six months.Do you too?? Common journey with me on this adventure and I promise you wouldn’t regret it.I love you guys always and I can’t wait to hear from you.

P.S:This blog is also open to our lovely parents and would be parents.
See you soon!!

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