The Justice Claim.

Standing right beside me on the accused bench of the Supreme Court of the World is a man who I’ve never met in my whole life. Not like I’ve met many people too. But this man, is a downright, conniving liar.

“Mr Man, are you sure of everything you have said?” The judge spoke from the bench with a shaky but yet high pitched voice denoting my dread for the judgement that is about to follow.

“I’m very sure my Lord” said the man standing beside me.

“You mean you’re ready to accept this criminal’s case file and let me acquit him?”

“I’m very ready my Lord”

Now just wait, there must be a little drama going on here. I’m the criminal (I’ve been called that name all my life) From lying to stealing to raping to cyber fraud and then killing, I’ve done all kinds of abominable acts and yet this man who looks like someone who can never hurt a fly let alone a human being take my blame. In case you don’t know, he’s going to be punished for my sins! Nope, somebody better call the director of this movie out from wherever he’s hiding.

“I hereby declare according to the laws of this land that Me Emmanuel has been found guilty of all the charges directed at Mr John which includes the killing of a prominent Chief in town after his intentional defraud and the forceful rape of his daughter. The court hereby sentence Mr Emmanuel to death by hanging”

The last word echoed loudly through the courtroom as the judge hit the gavel on the the wooden table indicating finality.

“Noooo!” I shouted out. “This is not real. I’m a sinner. The criminal! I killed the Chief, raped his daughter, stole money from several people! Not this man cooking up lies.”

“This man is now guilty of all your charges and you’ve therefore being acquitted and freed. It will be better you do so in peace and in the most tranquil way” The judge said fuming.

“What do you stand to gain?” I said turning to the man, disregarding what the judge has said. By now there was uproar in the whole court and the clerk’s effort to call into order was virtually wasted.

“Answer me! What the hell are you doing? Trying to become a hero? You’re on a mission to saving the world right? And see the so called judge believing your cock and bulls story. Didn’t he see my picture with a gun in my hand right in front of Chief’s house after my last operation? Didn’t he?” I said defiantly, letting out a sarcastic laugh.

“Quiet! Mr John. Let there be decorum now!” The judge flared up.

“No no no, I’m not done here. Remember the highway gentleman the news was talking about some years ago, the one that even the Inspector of Police was willing to grant a million naira to whoever finds him. I’m that guy! The gentleman on the highway and you want to let me go?”

“This man here claims to be him” This time, the clerk with my case file spoke, pointing at a side of the file in his hands. “His name covers yours now.”

“But I’m the highway gentleman! I did all that not him! Listen up man, What Do You Want From Me?!”

“I came that you may have life in abundance.” The man replied back with a smile on his face.

And in that moment, I could feel all my resistance going down. I’ve done nothing to deserve this kind of a favour from a total stranger.

“I don’t need your help man. I got myself into this and I must save myself”

“Maybe sometimes in you life you need to understand that there are some debts you can’t pay. Let me help you with this one” The man said.

“But I don’t know you from anywhere”

“You don’t need to. My Father knows you and He even loves you. He calls you his son

“My Father died years ago”

“Yes, he saw that happen and was so scared that you’d hurt yourself so he sent Josh your way.”

“Does he know what I did to Josh?”

“The part where you murdered him in cold blood right in his kitchen, because you thought he was going out with your girlfriend?”

I was apprehensive. How in the world did he know about Josh, nobody else knows. “I thought? They were really going out together. He cheated on me!”

“But that’s what you thought, he was only leading her right, showing her the way, the truth and the life. You just let your fierce anger becloud you.”

“Whatttt? My goodness! I don’t believe you. See why I don’t need help. I don’t!”

“Well you don’t need help actually, but I’m here to render it so you really do not have a choice.”

“I DO!” I said defiantly, storming my feet on the ground.

“So tell me, you fancy being hanged on that wood outside, with reporters and cameras everywhere, waiting to see the downfall of the World’s Mighty Criminal? Why don’t you just let me handle this?” The man had a mischievous grin on his face while talking.

“You talk like it will be easy for you to do”

“Exactly! I know but it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Just go back home and make things right with my Father.”

“How? How do I get to your father?”

“Whoever gets to the son gets to the Father.”

“You speak in parables young man”

“Aha! Thought you wouldn’t notice. You see the moment I take every of your sins upon me and get hung on that wooden cross, you’re free and free indeed. But your freedom won’t come just like that.”

“Okay?” My heart was beginning to flutter. Maybe there’s still a little hope and a chance at redemption. Maybe I could still see the light flickering at the end of my dark tunnel.

“Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Delivered. Redeemed. Made alive. You shall be made right with my Father instantly only when you call on the name of the son.
And when you get to my father, stand in his presence as though you have never sinned. You’ve been accepted by Him even before you were born.”

“Your father?”

“Yes. My Dad. The same one who has now adopted you into the family.”

Uncontrollable tears rolled down my eyes as I watched how his face shone with so much light and love that in that moment, I wanted to experience.

“God… God.. God” I kept muttering.

And with that, the prison warden came and led him away to the place where his blood would atone for mine.

While writing this fiction, one song kept playing out in my head. It is a verse from Hillsong United “Grace To Grace”

…..If having my heart was worth the pain
What joy could you see beyond the grave?
If love found my soul worth dying for

How wonderful
How glorious
My saviour’s scars victorious
My chains are gone
My debt is paid
From death to life
And grace to grace.

Tell me a better story than the redemption story and I’ll wait. Show a greater love than that which Christ showed and I’ll wait. Tell of the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever heard and I’ll tell you about Christ who died to save the whole world.

He gave us freedom that nothing, not our fleshly desires, not lust, not external validations, not humans, not money could give us. The freedom of being a Child of the most important being in the world. How awe-mazing!

His grace is available for all. His love runs deep, never drying out. And He’s calling you to himself today. He has paid your debt already just come and receive this abundant Life that I now enjoy. For He has made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

If you’re ready to turn everything over to God, I’ll love you to say this short prayer.

Lord Jesus, thank you for being a good good father. For sending Jesus and saving my soul. For loving me recklessly and dying on the cross just for me. I accept you into my life now Lord Jesus. I proclaim you as the living savior who died and now lives that I might live too. Renew me father and help me to grow in you. Amen.

Now do you know the wonderful news? The Father and His hosts of Angel are now rejoicing mightily, happy that you’ve finally decided to accept the Lord of Lords.

I am happy too! So happy because this is the biggest, wisest and most valuable decision you’ll ever make.

Live beloved live! ‘Cos it’s just as simple as that. I love you, always!


My Lockdown Playlist.

Hey Guys!

Long time, no post.☺️☺️

I hope March was good to everyone of us even inspite of the chaos.

Today, I’ll be sharing 10 songs and albums that has remained at the top of my playlist for a while now.

So here goes;

1) Young and Free by Hillsong: This album tops every other album I’ve ever listened to. Ah! May God bless writers of all the songs on the album.

2) There’s A Place by Nathaniel Bassey: Pastor Nath! His words are always spirit filled and inspiring. You should listen if you haven’t.

3) Dry Bones by Nosa: One of his latest work. This song reveals the supremacy of God and His supernatural power to help raise dead areas in our lives. As you listen while trusting and believing in God, God will certainly work miraculous wonders in our lives.

4) Trust in You by Lauren Diagle: This!!!! A sum total of my present relationship with God. Trusting! Trusting! Trusting! Even when humanly speaking, it makes no sense.

5) You Say by Lauren Diagle: At a point in one’s life, you’ll come to question lots of things about yourself. You’d ask if you’re loved, strong, useful and many other things. This song is a calling to everyone out there dealing with identity crisis, God is saying something different about you. He loves you and calls you strong, useful, forgiven and redeemed.

6) Control by Tenth Avenue: The first time I heard this song was the Fuji adaptation someone on social media posted, it immediately captured my attention. This song explains how much God loves us and wants us to surrender our everything to Him. Everything, including ourselves while we just sit back and watch Him take all the control. You should really listen to this song and let the lyrics enthrall you.

7)Kergyma by Outburst: Nigeria has one of the finest worshippers you can ever find. No kidding! This album is one that throws light to the glory of God, the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Celebration Church Choir otherwise known as Outburst did total justice to this album!

8) The Spirit of Light by Tope Alabi and TY Bello: Two great minstrels, 17 heavenly songs.. I feel like my dad won’t be happy with me if this album doesn’t make the list😂😂. ‘Logan ti o de’ has been his favourite from the first day he heard it, courtesy of me, of course😌 Anyway, I loved every song on this album. May God continue to increase his annointing in their lives.

9)Thank You For Being God by Travis Greene: No words mehn! One reason to keep thanking God is because He is God. All by Himself. No one else carries the power of that title. I’ll share my best part of that song;

‘You loved me inspite of my flaws
You hold me close in the midst of it all
A present help when I’m in need
And I’m grateful that you won’t give up on me.
You loved me when no one else could
You kept me when no one could
So I’m saying
Thank you for being God’

Just lukat God!!

10) Heal Our Land by Kari Jobe: In the events of all that is happening worldwide, it’s most certain that we need God in our various countries. This song is a prayer for healing, revival and restoration of our countries. We pray in every nation, Christ be known!! Healing comes. Our restoration time is here.

Now to you my devoted readers, I hope you all find peace in the midst of the world’s disarray. No fears at all, only faith. P.S: Don’t forget to stay safe!

And yes, you can drop recommendations of great songs to listen to.

Happy Palm Sunday Amigos❤️❤️

This Thing Called Grace.

Nellie was biting her nails again. Her fiance, Jude noticed as he stood on the podium watching her intently. They had agreed on this, he had walked her through it, he absolutely needed her to do this without blowing it off. Why was she looking so scared again?

Nellie sat across the back pew, keenly viewing her environment. The building is an almost dilapidated secondary school building, the benches were so old and strong that they hurt painfully as she sat on them. The podium Jude stood on must have been created not quite long, seeing how new it still is. About fifty young students ranging from the age of 11 to 18 occupied the other benches in front of her.

“Nellie, why did you ever agree to do this? Why?”

She said in my mind, almost screaming. She kept biting her nails as her eyes went down to the shoes she wore.

“My God! I should have worn a flat shoe, who sent me to wear Stiletto heels now? My chances of falling down at this point have gone super-high” She bitterly lamented in her mind.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen” Jude’s voice filled the whole room as the people’s chants of “Good afternoon sir” took over.

“I want to welcome you all to the first edition of this wonderful program tagged ‘Teens Takeover for God”. We promise you that at the end of today’s session, you’re going to go home feeling rejuvenated and delighted. Are you ready for this?”

Shrieks of “Yes” filled the hall.

“Well, in no time, let us all welcome our guest for today. Miss Uzo Nellie, an ardent lover of God and teens. Common, you can do better by clapping.”

The whole hall was filled with hands jamming each other loudly. Nellie decided to stand up and walk towards the podium in the midst of this heartwarming chaos, hoping that no one would notice how nervous she was.

Jude looked at Nellie as he descended the podium and handed the mic to her. She smiled wearily and in that moment Jude saw compassion mixed with fear in her eyes.

“Dear Lord, use this beautiful lady to minister powerfully for your glory today.” He mumbled gently, walking down the isle of the hall.

“I was 11 when my Dad died.” Nellie began, removing the thick glasses she had worn before.

“I was lonely, heartbroken and left with a drunken mom and 2 younger sisters. My Mom had no job, dad had no inheritance. We had to feed from hand to mouth. My sisters and I would parade the neighborhoods begging for food and sometimes water.”

The hall was silent now.

“Then one evening, Mom announced to us that she was going to begin work again. I must have been the happiest on Earth that day. I thought my Mom’s new job would somehow save us from the everyday embarrassment my siblings and I faced while begging. What I didn’t know was that we would only be receiving male night visitors every single day”

At this point, everyone’s ear stood as they paid rapt attention.

“Usually, our night visitors would come, follow Mom into her room and won’t leave till the next morning, of course, my siblings and I dare not come out of our room till they’re gone. But everything changed when one of the visitors insisted he came to my room. From the door, I could hear him shouting at my mom and she was begging him in return. Eventually, he slammed my mom’s head against the wall, locked my siblings in the other room and had his way with me.”

One lady screamed at the back of the hall. Nellie noticed that others were dabbing tears from their eyes.

“And so it began. The man would come, rape me while I’d watch my Mom smoke as though nothing happened. A few months after my 16th birthday, Mom died. And I know it’s such a cruel thing to say, but I was happy she left. She wasn’t useful while alive so I figured that the fuss wasn’t necessary. From that moment onward, I lived life recklessly. I built my whole life around these words “Use what you have to do what?”

“Get what you want” the whole students answered.

“Little did I know that I was only paving the way for pain more excruciating. I met Jude during my 300 level days at the University. We hit off quite bad. He would always come to preach the gospel to me while I’d abuse the hell out of him. You know, talking about a man who could deliver me from my evil ways. One thing always surprised me then, and that was his persistence. If I pursue him today, he’d be there tomorrow, smiling at me. Soon, I started to feel this ache in my heart, this guilt and shame that everything I was doing was worthless. I knew at that very moment that I needed a savior. One who will save me without receiving anything in return. Then Jude’s Savior showed up. He gradually and compassionately redeemed me from my messes and gave me a new inheritance.”

She looked up to look at Jude who was staring back at her, awestruck. That part of her speech hadn’t been among the plan.

“My life once more turned around when I gave it to Jesus. This time it was for the better. I don’t know if there’s anyone here who can relate to my very sad story, remember there’s hope for you, there’s love overflowing in the heart of the Father towards you and there’s an unmerited grace for you. Come right now to the Father and accept him. He has so many blessings in store for you. If He can turn even I or our dear Apostle Paul, the vilest of sinners, then there is nobody that isn’t deserving of His grace.”

With that, Nellie dropped the microphone on the altar and walked down feeling so relieved. She smiled when the students rose up to thunderously applaud her. All she kept saying was “Thank you, Jesus.” As she went out to clean her damp eyes that had filled unexpectedly with tears, she still kept repeating those words.

After Jude had led a very powerful session of prayer, the program ended. Shortly after they did the benediction, he made his way to where Nellie sat and hugged her.

“Waoh waoh! Slow down a bit. You’re not the only excited one here” Nellie teasingly said.

“I am. Honestly, I am. And right there on that podium as I watched you speak, I knew I have to do this today and no other day. I don’t know how this sounds but I’m going to say it anyway.”

Nellie rose her brows and sat quickly. “Okay?”

“The reason why I kept coming back to you during our university days was that I never wanted you out of my sight. When other guys back then saw you as filthy, you were the prettiest and most innocent girl to me. And your speech today, I couldn’t be more certain.”

Then he went down on one foot. Nellie’s eyes jutted out so large, you’d think they would pop out any moment.

“Nellie, ” he called her name with a voice that sounded more like a whisper. “Will you please be my wife. Marry me, please. Make me the happi-

“Yessss. I’m going to marry you” Nellie said as she grabbed his hands and turned to the other students who were watching them with wonder in their eyes.

“Grace Found Me” she screamed out to them.
“Grace found this worthless soul,” she said, tears pouring down her face.


But God still loved us with such great love. He is so rich in compassion and mercy. Even when we were dead and doomed in our many sins, he united us into the very life of Christ and saved us by his wonderful grace!

Ephesians 2:4‭-‬5 TPT.

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Blog Anniversary / Get To Know Me Tag.



It’s been one awesome year of being among this society. One year of meeting amazing people and reading incredible posts. To everyone who has made this one-year special, I say a very big Thank you!!

So in honour of my blog’s anniversary today, I’ll be answering 30 questions about the face behind this blog (Meee😌) Shall we?

Meet Me😍😍

1)Full Name?
I’m Adewole Adeola Peace of God.

I have 2 sweet sisters and a loving brother. I happen to be the last child.

3)Where were you born?
Lagos, Nigeria.

I love writing, singing, reading anything in sight,

5)One word that describes you?
Unique. Not your regular Naija teen😎

6)Introvert or Extrovert?
As much as my friends like to think that I’m an extrovert, I don’t believe I’m one. I’m an ambivert. Not too reticent, not too outgoing. Just somewhere in between.

7)What do you notice about people first?
Honestly, I don’t usually notice anything except the piece of clothing you put on.

8)What outdoor activity do you like the most?
Engaging my two feet in locomotive actions from nooks and crannies of any region. Simply put, walking is the only outdoor activity that makes sense to me.😋😋

9) Favourite Movie?
I’ve tried thinking of a particular movie that held me spellbound, but I couldn’t point out one!! So I’ll just go with “Overcomers” and “Breakthrough” Those movies broke me in an extraordinary manner.

10) Scary movies or happy endings?
Definitely happy endings!

11)One bad habit I have?
Procrastination😵😵 I was supposed to do this question and answer tag in June, during my last year’s birthday, bhet just lukat me, six months after. I honestly need a support group for this.

12)Favourite drink?
PEPSI. I’ve been their imaginary brand ambassador since forever.

13)Do you know how to swim?
I learned oh!! I learned. It’s just so painful that I still don’t know how to swim.

Throwback to when I was an active member of the Team Natural

14)What’s something that you’ve never done but will like to try?

Bungee jumping. Asides from the fact that I’m certainly going to freak out and embarrass my entire village, I believe it’s going to help me get rid of my phobia for heights.

15)Would you ever have a lizard as a pet?
Li whatttt?

16)What type of music do you dislike the most?
Any music with unreasonable and outrageous lyrics.

17) What is something that scares you and you’d never try?

That would be getting a tattoo. I’ve zero tolerance for even the slightest sting of pain. Plus, my parents will willingly and cheerfully throw me out of their house. I’m not ready to be homeless, please.

18)Do you find sarcasm annoying?
I use sarcasm a lot! And I do not find it annoying. It only stresses me out when I have to explain sarcastic remarks to some people. Do you not know that sarcasm has lost its relevance when I have to explain? Do you not know??

19)What food will make you happy right now?
Ahhh. The magic food does. I wouldn’t mind having pounded yam with ugwu-ed egusi soup😊

20)Why do your friends love you?
So I had to ask them, and they all said it’s because I’m funny. Just that! They forgot the kind, cool, generous and gentle side of me. The total package. I’m not even hangry!

21) Favourite Books?

*Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers
*Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
*The Visitation by Frank Perreti(I read it this year and I’ll probably do a review on it)
*Children of blood and bone by Tomi Adeyemi.
*Everything good will come by Sefi Atta
I could go on and on.

22) What’s the strangest thing you believed as a child?
P.S: Don’t laugh!

When I was young, I always believed that if I plucked out one or two strands of my eyebrows, wrap it in a small white paper and place it where my mom could step on it or at least, pass over it, she’d forget whatever she wants to do to me and somehow do whatever I ask her to do. So, on days when she threatened to beat me up, I’d pluck the brows and do all that packaging. People of God, it always ended in tears. When I eventually told my mom about this, she asked how I believed such diabolical trick😂😂

23)Name 3 wishes?
*A meeting with Francine Rivers.
*A trip to Paris on a morning and back to Amsterdam at night to watch the stars. (A girl can dream😌)
*I wish above every other thing, that I mayest prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospereth.

Last picture. I do Not promise😑

24)Do you dislike any game?
Yesss! Truth and dare for one.

25)What type of videos do you watch on Youtube?
Nigerian YouTube series, British/American Got Talent, The Voice Kids, Sermons(Priscilla Shirer and Michael Todd are my current favourite) and regular videos of other YouTubers.

26)Is there someone you love more than yourself?
That’s Jesus Christ. Messiah of the whole world and absolute love of my life.

27)If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Overthinking. Stressing my brains out over little things.

28)Do you have a pet?
No dears, I don’t do pets.

29)What would be your reaction if God appears to you?
I would be so awestricken and speechless and I’d probably drain the ocean of tears in my eyes that day.

30) What kind of car do you drive?
Car-ry me dey go😂😂 Okay, I really need to start going.


Thank you for reading this and every one of my other posts. I do not take the likes, comments, and views for granted. This new blogging year will surely be better than the last. I love love this community. Thanks again Fam❤

And yes, you can pick some of your favourite questions above and let me know about you in the comment section. I’ll be expecting your replies. Thanks for reading!


New Beginnings

Hey Dears

Happpppppy New Yeeeeeear💃💃

I’m literally screaming. And yes, I know we’re five days into the new year already but I’m still as excited as the day we started the year.

Fam, It’s been a lonnnnggg minute. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss this platform. Very much. I’m sorry I had to take an unofficial sabbatical leave but yeah, I’m back now with a bang, hopefully.

Welcome to the start of a whole new decade. Finally, 2019 with all its good and glorious happenings is over and done with. Hallelujah somebody!!☺️☺️

I’m not that big on giving advices but I’ve got a few words to say; Dear friends, in this new year, endeavor to be intentional about your walk with God. Set achievable goals and determine to actualize them. Live a life of Purpose!! (This can’t be overstressed) And do make sure you live your best life this year, remember life is short!!!

Again I welcome to the fifth day of 365 more blissful days.

May you find joy and absolute happiness in everything you do.
May your dreams come true.
May you have reasons to keep smiling always.
May you find a reason to live.
May you find your path. Your purpose in life.

And while on the journey to becoming, when you feel lonely, tired, frustrated, dejected and all that negative vibes, don’t give up.
Instead, remember where you started from, who has brought you this far and shine on like the star that you are.

May you never lose your wonder.

Cheers to new beginnings 🥂🥂

See you soon😘😘

Souled Out.

The following is a spoken word piece, a friend and an ardent supporter of this blog wrote to be delivered in Christ Embassy North York on the 9th of June 2019 during the occasion of her Souled Out: Cell-ebration program. Enjoy.

Souled Out

There was a certain point in my life where I really enjoyed myself. I’m sure you must have had that experience as well. And wait, I’m not talking about enjoying the benefits of salvation cos as at this point in time, I was still living in damnation and condemnation.

I took pleasure in everything this world had to offer and I took a sneak peek at everything the devil placed in front of me. And trust me, it looked like I had it all back then.
I felt like I was at the peak of my life.

It continued like this for a while until a certain day, he came along.
Silently breezing through, he whispered these words to me “I love you.” Wait… what?? You love who? Me??
This wretched sinner who was lost in the world was beginning to feel loved and it seemed like the best part of my life was yet about to kickoff.

I listened to what he had to say and it seemed like he had a better offer for me. I mean, giving me his everything, him becoming my all, wiping out my past and calling me his own. I wasn’t going to turn down that offer. “Yes” I said

I began to live for him. Line upon line, precept upon precept. Meanwhile the day I gave my life to Christ, the devil went into a big depression because in me he knew he’d lost a nation cos I’m going to preach this gospel to the uttermost.

I’ve made up my mind to remain on this side of the kingdom. The kingdom of Light and until the end of time where I will boldly say… I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course and I have kept the faith. My confession remains that… I have been “Souled Out”

Written by Hunyinbo ThankGod.

Below is the link to the video of the spoken word piece. Please do well to watch and don’t forget to be blessed.

Have a wonderful week ✌️✌️

The Little Things We Crave.

Dear Dad and Mom,
It’s been two long weeks since you last heard from me. Well, not to worry, I’m doing just fine on my own. I do not plan on returning home soon and I hope you stop worrying about me. I pray this letter meets you in peace and you don’t get too paranoid.

I’ve spent 18 years of my life trying to figure out my exact purpose on Earth. Trying to be who you wanted me to be even against my own will. I stayed up late poring over my science textbooks when I’d graciously give anything to be in a studio singing my hearts out. But since my parents wanted me to become a Doctor, then a Doctor I must become.

All through high school, I was that smartass, nerdy, fat fish out of water who didn’t know when to talk and right words to say even when necessary. I never had any friend. Not even one because nobody’s really going to talk to a social misfit. I try to make Mom see what I was going through then, but she never did. All she wanted was that I remain the best straight- A student. So I kept the facade wild, became a straight-A student and lost social credibility.

Mom, do you remember the first and definitely the last time I asked you about sex? Remember I was 14 then. You freaked out totally and warned me never to bring up such issue again. You said it will soil the good girl in me. If only you knew that the good girl in me had been smeared ever since your Uncle’s son showed me some X-rated videos on his phone the last time he visited us.

Should I talk about Victor, our neighbor. The one and only person that I’ve ever and truly loved. Should I tell you all about the bubbling feelings I get in my stomach whenever I see him or the way my heart races and my knees tremble whenever I hear his calm voice. Should I tell you how I never got a chance to talk to him because according to you, my dear parents, talking to a guy can result into an unwanted pregnancy.

To all the times I won games in my soccer practice that you were too busy to attend. To all the interesting stories that fill the pages of my journal, that you won’t read. To all the times I almost choked on questions I should have asked you but kept to myself. To all the years I spent living like a prisoner in my own parents’ house. I wish I had spent them with other nice couple who will really cherish me and make me go after my dreams.

Dear Dad and Mom, I miss you. I really do. But when you couldn’t offer me the little things I craved, I was left with no other option but to leave the house. And I remain unapologetic for doing so. I hope you don’t blame yourselves for my actions. One day, God will make me retrace my steps back home but till then, dear parents, find joy in my absence. I will be fine.

My regards to Kathryn, our little baby. Tell her I miss her and I do love her.

Your Daughter

Tinuade ❤️


As usual!! But I pray that our parents come to the light of these words and understand that as teenagers, the only thing we want is their love, attention and care.

We want them to Talk to us, about everything and anything. We want our parents’ Support in all that we do especially career wise. We want them to Know us, our fears, our weaknesses, our strengths, our friends, our crushes and every other necessary thing. We know we can be obstinate and stubborn most times, but we want you to Love us amidst all these. Amidst the tears, the fights, the brawls, the naggings, the different moods, you should always discipline us in love with a spirit of gentleness. And we will as well obey you in everything.

That light will shine upon our families and joy is ours again.


You Will Find Love.

Disclaimer: This story is kinda long. But it’s worth the read. So please enjoy yourself while reading🤗🤗

“What’s going on here?” Goodness asked. “What happened to Shola?”

“I don’t know either oh, all I know is that I came back from my regular evening classes to find her crying. I’ve been trying all my efforts to make her talk. But no, she refused to say anything” replied Mary.

“Babe, but you know that you can’t keep doing this to yourself. Whatever the issue is, you can always talk to us. That is why we are your best friends, darling. So tell me, what exactly is the problem?” Goodness said again.

Stuttering, Shola replied amidst tears “I..I was coming from the.. from the choir rehearsals this evening, when I.. when I decided to visit Jide in his hos.. hostel..” She burst into uncontrollable tears again.

“And then, what na happened?” Mary asked.

“Did you guys quarrel?” Goodness said this time
Shola replied nodding her head in the negative.
“Did he beat you?”
She nodded in the negative again
“Shola biko talk for christsake!! Abi what is all this one sef.”

“I found a girl in his room,on his bed, almost unclad. In fact, they were together on the bed when I entered his room.” Shola finally said.

“Ohh myyy.. I’ve always known that Jide was up to no good. My instincts told me the very first day I saw him. And you know my instincts naw, they don’t lie.”

“Goody!!! Is that what you should be saying to Shola right now? I mean who cares about your instincts here? Let us attend to our best friend now. She needs us.” Mary cautioned Goodness who was already babbling about injuring the so called Jide.

“Babes..shola managed to say.. this is the second time I’m experiencing this. Is something wrong with me? Am I being followed? No just tell me. First it was Timi who cheated on me with my childhood friend now it’s Jide. Abi is this relationship thing not programmed for me too ni?”

“Don’t talk like that, every one has a right to love. It wasn’t made for any special person. It just can be right, if only you’re with the right person” Goodness said this time around in a more quiet manner.

Mary stood up from the only sofa in the dark room and hugged Shola from the back “And apparently Timi and Jide are not the right person”

“So do I go looking for the right person now, do I endanger myself to the risk of suffering another heartbreak all in the name of finding the right person?” Shola said

“Dearie, you don’t have to stress yourself, take your time to discover yourself. The right person will truly come” Mary said.

“How else can I discover myself? Am I not pretty enough or even brainy enough to discover who I am?”

Goodness now joined her two besties on the bed, stroking shola’s hair like a baby when she finally said “No Shola, that’s not the discovery you need to make. Go on a journey of self discovery and you’ll see who you truly are. Leave all this boy issues for now jaree”

And in the serenity of the dimly lit room,the three besties managed to console themselves to sleep.

Days rolled by, weeks passed, all along those periods, Shola had immersed herself in her school works. Running around with projects and busy with her supervisors and professors. But even with her busy schedule, all she thinks about is Jide. Whenever she remembers the image of that evening, when she’d gone to see him, we would always burst into tears. Not minding who was nearby.

But this particular morning, she’d woken up with some kind of relief, like a burden had just been lifted from her head. So hurriedly, she decided to read her Bible before going out. Flipping through the pages of her Bible, the first place her eyes went to was Matthew 6:26;

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and every other thing shall be added unto you”

Not quite understanding the message of that scripture, she flipped through the pages again and saw another verse from Proverbs 3

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He’ll make straight your paths” verse 6.

Like a mighty, rushing wind, understanding flooded Shola’s heart. Did she really know God? Have she ever desired to know Him? Fine, she did devotions, she wouldn’t be allowed into the choir if she didn’t. That was why she had to oblige. What was God’s plan for her life besides education? On her bed that morning with her bloodshot eyes, she prayed quietly and fervently asking God for divine direction.

A week after that encounter in her bedroom, Shola was taking a stroll around the school environment when she saw someone running towards her and calling her name. It was Matt, her departmental mate.

“Shola please wait. I’ll like to see you for a minute” Matt pleaded after catching up with her.

“Alright.. I’m at your service sir” she said, giving a funny, sarcastic bow”

“You and all this your jokes ehn”

“Hehehe.. They surely deserve a stand up comedy show abi”

“No ohh, how about a sit down comedy show?”
Matt said giving her his own sarcastic look now.

Laughing now, Shola said “Lemme alone joor. To think that I never knew you were this funny for the past 5 years of being in the same department.. This life sha”

“Naso na. Maybe we’re never meant to be close to some people until the right time. I actually have a little job for you”

That was how they found themselves walking towards Shola’s apartment. Apparently, Matt had come because he wanted her to help him with a particular article addressing the issue of abuse among women, that he was to submit to the school management. Seeing that it was actually a small job, she gladly helped her new found friend with it.

Several months passed, graduation in the air. Shola and her besties finally convocated. Soon, they were posted to various states for service and almost lost contact. Shola who was posted to Zamfara state, found an interest in Human Right Activism. Since the day she wrote that article for Matt, she had been having this nudgings in her heart to go for it. To become the voice that human, especially women seeks. And Zamfara provided her with just a great opportunity to fulfilling that desire.

She joined a Human Right Organization. Became a very active member there. She devoted herself completely to their services. Counselled so many mothers, sisters and friends in the right way. Most times she went extra miles by sponsoring some of their kids to school. Despite all the sacrifices, she found unspeakable joy in her heart everyday. When it was finally time to leave Zamfara,she knew for sure what God has in store for her. Her voice is going to become a voice to the voiceless wherever she goes to.

Immediately she got back from Zamfara to Lagos, Shola got a call from one of the biggest NGOs in town asking to resume work on the Tuesday of that week. Entering into the company with a feeling of joy mixed with fear, she sat besides the receptionist and waited for the boss. Engrossed in her phone, she didn’t hear when someone called her from behind. She only looked up to find a handsome looking dude wearing a black and polkadot white crispy ironed shirt and a nice trousers to match.

“Matthew!!!” Shola screamed when she saw his face. “Oh my goodness!! You’re looking so good now oh”

“See who’s talking, Madam of the beauty nation. Our royal highness. I hail ohh” Matt said grinning

“Oh please, don’t just start with all the pleasantries biko”

“Wait.. don’t tell me you’re the renowned Activist my boss was informing me about earlier?”

“I guess I am”

“Wow!! You know what, we definitely need to see after today. Mind if I take you somewhere today or some other day?”

“Yeah sure. Tomorrow is okay by me.”

With that they exchanged contacts and promised to see the next day.

After that day, Matt became a part of Shola’s life. He’d always call her in the morning, send messages during office hours and will not sleep without listening to her voice. She also got caught up in the wind of attraction that was blowing presently. But somehow in the depths of her heart, she didn’t exactly know what she was supposed to do.

“Dear Lord, please don’t lead me on if Matthew isn’t the right person still. Please Lord, don’t make me feel helpless again” Shola prayed until she heard God’s voice gently speaking to her;

“There is no fear in love for perfect love casts out all fear.”

And with that, God came through for her again as always.

Fast forward to now. In a well furnished room with neatly wrapped presents scattered all around the room, Mary and Goodness stood by the mirror, mouths agape, looking at their friend who looked smashingly beautiful in her white wedding gown for what seemed like years.

“What’s with the face and silence now? Or is the gown not fine? Is it my make-up? Or the jewelleries?? You people should talk naa” Shola asked suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“Iyawo calm down for Jesus joor, everything is very very okay. And I must say, this is the first time I’m seeing you with this glow” Goodness said

“I tell you, the things Matthew does to you ehn” Mary teased her while she helped her buckle her shoes.

“Whoever said love is not sweet?” Shola asked.

“You ohh” the two girls chorused.

“If not for God, you’d have ended up killing yourself over one unworthy Jide”

“Goodness eee, you this girl, you’ll never change” Mary said as she playfully twisted Goody’s mouth

“Biko leave me alone ohh.. let’s start…

Just then, a knock on the door stopped Goodness words and Shola’s Mom shouted from outside the door

“Won’t you girls come outside or will you take forever to get dressed?? Ehnn? Hurry up and come out ohh,we all have a wedding to attend”

Oh yes!! We have a wedding to attend.

Dearly Beloved,

You will find Love. But first find God and find Purpose ❤️❤️❤️

72 Hours.

Somewhere in Rome.

(72 hours before. Immediately after the proceedings of a Sanhedrin trial. A criminal had just been led out of the courtroom)

“All hail the King of the Jews”
“All hail the King of the Jews”
“All hail the King of the Jews”

The voices got thicker, thick voices of angry beings. Beings ready to explode if this one wicked man doesn’t get the right judgement.

“Kill ye Him”
“King of the Jews”
“Greatest Blasphemer”

It got thicker again. Angrier. This time the crowds were demonstrating. Picking every dangerous object in sight and directing it at the alleged criminal. After series of trails, referrals,and proper scrutinization of the case,the man was deemed fit to die by crucification.

And so here they were on their way to the Place of Skulls. A deadly place in the Roman empire. Nobody goes there and returns. Skulls were scattered around. Bloods formed the tiles of the road. The crowds followed still, shouting, cursing, rejoicing for their victory over the enemy. Nobody denies the Law of Moses and goes scot-free.

“Kpaaaaaa” Another whip landed on the criminal’s almost bare back from the iron shaped whip. This is for him not carrying his cross well. If a man who said all sorts of rubbish about destroying the synagogue and rebuilding it in 3 days, couldn’t carry his cross efficiently,then he deserves a whip.

“Spare His life, soldiers of the city. I beseech you. He hasn’t done anything to deserve this. All he has done is to prove the supremacy of His heavenly Father”
“Despise him not people”
“Please help our Rabbi”

The voices came from Merciful Mary and some other friends of the man who were seriously wailing. They stood at the far end of the street and watched as their teacher was mistreated. Although he some times talked about prosecution, crucification and some kind of resurrection before now,they just didn’t expect it to be this serious. They couldn’t dare go near except if they wanted to face the wrath of the angry people. So they continued pleading and crying and praying in their little ways for the master.

“Daughters of Jerusalem. Favoured daughters of God. Entreat yourselves not to weep for me. Instead weep for the future destruction of this city. Weep for the souls who will search earnestly for death but will find none. Weep for the barren whose heart will be full of praise for having wombs that never bore a child. Weep ye for all this not for me” the criminal finally talked. Oh he did talk with so much gentility.

What audacity! What insolence! What audaciousness! The Jews just won’t have any of it. And so as annoyed as they were,they began to spit on him. Pregnant women with heavy spits in their mouth spat on him. Angry Pharisees and Sadducees spat on him. Even young scholars of the Law,teachers and obedient abiders of the Law were not left out.
They mocked him. Spat on him. Scoffed him.

In the midst of the crowd,stood an orphaned girl of about a decade and a score whose only surviving hope(her grandmother)had just been buried. Phoebe stood there watching the King of the Jews.

This wasn’t her first time seeing this kind of trial. In fact it was her joy to always go round the prosecuted ones calling them according to their offenses. If it wasn’t Marcus the thief today then it will be Hananiah the adulterer tomorrow.

But this particular alleged criminal had something spectacular about Him. She heard he did so many powerful things before his arrest, couldn’t he save himself? The tranquility around him was so contrasted to his upheaval environment. This peace was something she couldn’t quite place.

So instead she thought of her Grandmother,her dead parents and her almost dead life. She had just cut one of her linen robe and tied it round her grandmother’s ceiling fan when she heard the uproar outside the city gate. Seeing it was one of the Justice games that she enjoyed,she left her instrument of death and joined the mob. Of course,with the aim of going back home to complete her unfinished business.

Twenty minutes to go, Jesus the alleged criminal was hung to the cross with a signboard over his cross which reads *THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS* alongside two other criminals. Immediately after they hung him,they threw his clothes down and deliberated on who to give the clothings.

“Give it to Matthaias” one screamed
“No! Give it to his mother in remembrance of her son” Another woman countered.
“Shouldn’t we just dispose it or better still,give one of the demonaics by the road?”

Jesus,the criminal, watched as they continued haggling, negotiating and contemplating on whom to give his ruined,bloodstained piece of cloth. He knew for sure that they did all that to ridicule him. And so with every ounce of strength in him, sincerely meaning every word,he said loud enough for the people to hear him,
“Father forgive them,for they know not what they have done”

One thing worried the Jews, how can a man who is a criminal beg for the forgiveness of their souls?? Aggravated now,they increased the tempo of their roars and screamed loud
“King of the Jews
Save yourself.
Call Elijah or John the beheaded Baptist.
Call them to save you.
Save yourself before saving us”

They continued shouting till Jesus screamed

“Eloi Eloi Lama Sabatani,Father into your hands I commit my spirit” and breathed his last.

Then one by one,in groups and in pairs,they found their way home with the story of how they finally conquered the King of the Jews on their lips.

But Immediately the criminal’s thorn-crowned head rested on his shoulders (a sign indicating that truly his spirit has left him)the earth shook. Rocks divided in every corners of the city. People trembled with fear. Some ran to the temple, some ran home, some were too shocked to even carry their legs. Now the surprise didn’t end there, people in the temple saw the curtains separating the Holy Alter from the Holies of the Holiest ripped off. From top to bottom. Sensing that they could die if they go near,they left the temple running as far as their legs could carry them. They ran home.

But on the way,they saw faces they haven’t seen in days,months,years and even ages. Little Phoebe saw her grandmother sitting on her tomb. Others saw their loved ones in every corner where they’ve been buried.

“Oh by God, we’ve certainly done wrong to an innocent being” Someone screamed from among the centurions.
Another person replied “How dare you say such a thing. This man said he’ll rise again. He’s dead already. There’s no such thing as rising again. He deserves to die”

But little did they know that what they’ve done is just a fulfillment of God’s law. His crafted plan. Well laid down.
That day,the death of one alleged criminal paved a way for the redemption of over 7 billion people.
That day,the King of the Jews died but rose again this day,2000 years ago conquering death.
That day, Phoebe went home with a smile on her face knowing that her Grandma still lives.
That day,our chapter of sin was closed and a new page of redemption was opened.
That day that we live to tell the story over and over and over again.


What manner of man will lay down his life for another? What kind of love will make a kindred die for his family? What kind of man will go through pains not for his own sake,not for one person,not for two but for the sake of humanity. Thousands of people. Sinful people. People who don’t care about salvation or Godliness or even righteous living. Yet he shed His blood. Yet he died for us. Even while we were sinners.

It could have been me. It could have been you. We could have been on that cross. Hopeless. Helpless. Trying to figure out a way to pay for our sins. But it wasn’t us and our sins have equally been paid. 72 hours after this story, we all know what happened. The Lord lived. Abandoning the crown of thorns and putting on the crown of glory. He lived and He still lives.

The good news is that sin cannot choke,bury,crush or restrict us from accessing this kind of love because while in that tomb,He(Jesus) has finalized our work of redemption.

So many people end up believing or doubting if this Jesus ever rose. Maybe it was all a myth. Sin,challenges,circumstances surrounding them might have blinded them and made them believe that Christ didn’t resurrect. Maybe He never left heaven in the first place.

But listen to this,since Jesus walked out of that tomb,since that grave is empty,since the bones of my saviour were not found there.We can know and be rest assured that He still lives and through Him,sin has lost control,death has long been conquered and our challenges have been overcomed.

Now is the best time to give our whole life to the one who died for us. To wholly acknowledge Him as our saviour. To be guiltless in His presence, enjoying Him as the day goes by because this is the real reason why he went to that cross.

So let the chains of sin and bondage fall off. Let our hearts be connected to the Father in humility and sincerity. Let us have this undying love for the Father because He first loved us and no greater love can anyone bestow on us than that which He did that we might be called His children.

He did all these because we were once slaves but are bound no more. We were once dead but our sins restricts us no more. We were once helpless but our shackles of helplessness have been broken long ago. So now we’re free. We’re alive. We’re children of the Most High. And we belong to Him who died for us.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,who according to his abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.(1 Peter 1:3)

Happy Easter Celebration💃💃

P.S: The story above is a well known biblical story featuring other fictional characters. Not all dialogues or characters come from the Bible. God bless!

Sincerely;A Conversation Between A Sinner And God.

I say the sinner’s prayer like my life depends on it. Going back to my country called sin and falling back to my dead end alley.

I’ve walked long aisles to take communion,to receive annionting but walk proud down the streets of perdition.

Jesus your son came to die for the world.
Yeah right. I’m not of this world.

Jesus your son came to call out.
Too late. I’ve been sold out.

Sold out of the fold. Sold out of humanity.
I belong to a race where aliens are worshipped than true sons.

I’m now mortally immortal. Mortally backed up with the support of a god. My god.

I once walked with you. Prayed to you. Seeked to listen to you. Begged to see you.
But where did all that get me?? Nowhere!!

Whenever I walk with you,it seems like I walk with some ignorant faceless beings.

Whenever I talk to you,my four walls are so cold and my ceilings too tight to relay my words to heaven. So everyone stays Mute.

Whenever I seek to listen to you,you turn your back reminding me of how big my flaws are, contending with the massiveness of your Grace. So I stay put!

Whenever I beg to see you,you shove my past,my failures,my lukewarm spiritual life into my face and beg me to see them before seeing you. So I got blinded!

Got blinded to the bliss that followed an intimacy with you and got swayed by the misery that followed an intimacy with the devil.

But in that misery,will I stay.

Mama said you left the ninety nine to find one sheep.

I was that one but you never came for you.

I was not a sheep,I was a wolf. And wolves,you don’t do!

Religion was a thing I took to heart so I don’t end up on the streets with no one to fend for me.
So I played the pretend game pretty well.

See me lifting unholy hands that punched noses to God on Sunday services.

Taking communions with lips that cursed some minutes before.

Getting wasted on Saturday and going to church on Sunday with my holier than the priest’ regalia.

Going back from service to a handful of pornography disks stacked up behind my beds.

Call me the saintly sinner.
Guess the devil wouldn’t even beat me at the game of pretenders.

But in the middle of my escapedes,I know I truly need you.
I know I can’t go on this way but do I want to stop??

Shadows of doubts cloud my mind, hazing my views.
Facedown on my knees,I know I need to wholly believe you.

But my faith isn’t in your words. It resides in the aftermath of my actions and words after this world. It’s me sensing the inferno hell has in store for me.

I’m a Victim to this World. And You can’t Help Me.
I’m Beyond Repairs. And You can’t Help Me.

I’m Filled with Scars leaving no space for Overhaul. And You can’t Help Me.
You are Capable but You won’t Help Me.


Child,I saw you walk through the valley of shadows of death but yet I chose you.
I saw you swagger through life dangerously and yet I need you.

You complete me child. I’m nothing without You.
For which God creates a thing He never loves? I love you child. Very much.

But when you went back to the house I saved you from,a little hurt filled me up. But I won’t stop chasing you.

I’ll go back to that house and reclaim you.
Your brother Jesus came to save you. But you say you’ve been sold out.
So He stays out until He finds you and brings you back home.

Home is not a place where aliens are worshipped.
No! They’re merely worshipped.
They don’t rule like Sons. And a Son you are Son!
You are my legitimate blood bought child.

You call yourself a wolf,I created wolves.
Not even strong enough to earn the King of the Jungle title. So Son, you’re not strong enough to run away from my grip.

In the middle of your aforementioned walking, talking,seeking and fellowship with me, I was there all along.
Listening, caring and preparing to show myself to you in a grand style.

So when you think I didn’t listen, check your ears.

When you think I thought your sins were too magnificent for Grace to behold,check your distabilized mentality.
Grace found you even in your oceans of sin.

When you think I shoved your pasts into your face,check your ego.Your ego instigated that.

Shadows of doubts still clouds your mind even after I made it known that I the Lord isn’t a God of Confusion??
Before you doubt me Son, doubt your doubts.

Doubt them and see how dead they are.
And if I could give life to dead souls how much more your faith??

Child,your faith isn’t in your words. It resides in my Words.
Faith is not about you believing and accepting an end I already conquered.
Your faith isn’t about being blind.
It’s about you believing that I’m paving a way you haven’t yet seen. The best description of blind!

And no you’re not a Victim to this world but a Victor through my word.
And if you think you’re beyond repairs,my hands that carved dry bones will work Miraculous arts into your soul.

I’m Capable and I can Help You.
A Sinner you were,a Son you’ll become.
You were a lost sheep with no idea of who you were or where you were going
But now you’ll be named and kept for good by the Shephard of your soul.

Let me Help You Son.
Let me help you.
Sin might have made you weak, called you a failure.
But I’ll take your weak hands and give you muscles far beyond your imaginations.
I’ll take your frail body and make a hero out of it.

You’ve been running for a whole long time Son.
I won’t stop chasing you
Running after you
Pursuing you
Till I find you and I hold you and I grasp you and I tell you how much I love you
I won’t stop running after you.


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