Blog Anniversary / Get To Know Me Tag.

Anniversary Anniversary Phew!! It’s been one awesome year of being among this society. One year of meeting amazing people and reading incredible posts. To everyone who has made this one-year special, I say a very big Thank you!! So in honour of my blog’s anniversary today, I’ll be answering 30 questions about the face behindContinue reading “Blog Anniversary / Get To Know Me Tag.”

Sincerely;A Conversation Between A Sinner And God.

I say the sinner’s prayer like my life depends on it. Going back to my country called sin and falling back to my dead end alley. I’ve walked long aisles to take communion,to receive annionting but walk proud down the streets of perdition. Jesus your son came to die for the world. Yeah right. I’mContinue reading “Sincerely;A Conversation Between A Sinner And God.”

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