The Growth Process: Generation Z.

Hello family. It’s Dee again. I missed you all so much! I took a not-really-deserved break but I think I’m back on board now! I hope you all are good and that 2021 has been wonderful so far? I’m rooting for you whichever way. A week ago, Twitter was on fire with banters from MillennialsContinue reading “The Growth Process: Generation Z.”

Dear Future Husband.

It’s been over a year since I last wrote to you Since I last wrote down manifestos, structures or project plans of what our love story would look like. Built our foundations with borrowed plans from society and other picture-perfect couples Mapped out our journey based on fantasies and deceptive ingenuity And it’s been aContinue reading “Dear Future Husband.”

Two Awards In One!!🥳🥳

Hey Fam, welcome to yet another post on this blog. Make yourself comfortable if you’re new, and if you’re not, I love you very much for always coming back.♥️♥️ I got my first Blog Nomination award!! Not just one but two!! I’m so happy I could share a plate of hot Jollof rice and chickenContinue reading “Two Awards In One!!🥳🥳”

The Believer And Depression.

I had a rude awakening sometimes last month on believers and depression. I know it may sound a bit hard for Christians to come out and acclaim that they are going through depressing situations, because scripturally speaking, the joy of the Lord is our strength. For someone who likes to have a plan of whatContinue reading “The Believer And Depression.”

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