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It’s been one awesome year of being among this society. One year of meeting amazing people and reading incredible posts. To everyone who has made this one-year special, I say a very big Thank you!!

So in honour of my blog’s anniversary today, I’ll be answering 30 questions about the face behind this blog (Meee😌) Shall we?

Meet Me😍😍

1)Full Name?
I’m Adewole Adeola Peace of God.

I have 2 sweet sisters and a loving brother. I happen to be the last child.

3)Where were you born?
Lagos, Nigeria.

I love writing, singing, reading anything in sight,

5)One word that describes you?
Unique. Not your regular Naija teen😎

6)Introvert or Extrovert?
As much as my friends like to think that I’m an extrovert, I don’t believe I’m one. I’m an ambivert. Not too reticent, not too outgoing. Just somewhere in between.

7)What do you notice about people first?
Honestly, I don’t usually notice anything except the piece of clothing you put on.

8)What outdoor activity do you like the most?
Engaging my two feet in locomotive actions from nooks and crannies of any region. Simply put, walking is the only outdoor activity that makes sense to me.😋😋

9) Favourite Movie?
I’ve tried thinking of a particular movie that held me spellbound, but I couldn’t point out one!! So I’ll just go with “Overcomers” and “Breakthrough” Those movies broke me in an extraordinary manner.

10) Scary movies or happy endings?
Definitely happy endings!

11)One bad habit I have?
Procrastination😵😵 I was supposed to do this question and answer tag in June, during my last year’s birthday, bhet just lukat me, six months after. I honestly need a support group for this.

12)Favourite drink?
PEPSI. I’ve been their imaginary brand ambassador since forever.

13)Do you know how to swim?
I learned oh!! I learned. It’s just so painful that I still don’t know how to swim.

Throwback to when I was an active member of the Team Natural

14)What’s something that you’ve never done but will like to try?

Bungee jumping. Asides from the fact that I’m certainly going to freak out and embarrass my entire village, I believe it’s going to help me get rid of my phobia for heights.

15)Would you ever have a lizard as a pet?
Li whatttt?

16)What type of music do you dislike the most?
Any music with unreasonable and outrageous lyrics.

17) What is something that scares you and you’d never try?

That would be getting a tattoo. I’ve zero tolerance for even the slightest sting of pain. Plus, my parents will willingly and cheerfully throw me out of their house. I’m not ready to be homeless, please.

18)Do you find sarcasm annoying?
I use sarcasm a lot! And I do not find it annoying. It only stresses me out when I have to explain sarcastic remarks to some people. Do you not know that sarcasm has lost its relevance when I have to explain? Do you not know??

19)What food will make you happy right now?
Ahhh. The magic food does. I wouldn’t mind having pounded yam with ugwu-ed egusi soup😊

20)Why do your friends love you?
So I had to ask them, and they all said it’s because I’m funny. Just that! They forgot the kind, cool, generous and gentle side of me. The total package. I’m not even hangry!

21) Favourite Books?

*Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers
*Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
*The Visitation by Frank Perreti(I read it this year and I’ll probably do a review on it)
*Children of blood and bone by Tomi Adeyemi.
*Everything good will come by Sefi Atta
I could go on and on.

22) What’s the strangest thing you believed as a child?
P.S: Don’t laugh!

When I was young, I always believed that if I plucked out one or two strands of my eyebrows, wrap it in a small white paper and place it where my mom could step on it or at least, pass over it, she’d forget whatever she wants to do to me and somehow do whatever I ask her to do. So, on days when she threatened to beat me up, I’d pluck the brows and do all that packaging. People of God, it always ended in tears. When I eventually told my mom about this, she asked how I believed such diabolical trick😂😂

23)Name 3 wishes?
*A meeting with Francine Rivers.
*A trip to Paris on a morning and back to Amsterdam at night to watch the stars. (A girl can dream😌)
*I wish above every other thing, that I mayest prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospereth.

Last picture. I do Not promise😑

24)Do you dislike any game?
Yesss! Truth and dare for one.

25)What type of videos do you watch on Youtube?
Nigerian YouTube series, British/American Got Talent, The Voice Kids, Sermons(Priscilla Shirer and Michael Todd are my current favourite) and regular videos of other YouTubers.

26)Is there someone you love more than yourself?
That’s Jesus Christ. Messiah of the whole world and absolute love of my life.

27)If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Overthinking. Stressing my brains out over little things.

28)Do you have a pet?
No dears, I don’t do pets.

29)What would be your reaction if God appears to you?
I would be so awestricken and speechless and I’d probably drain the ocean of tears in my eyes that day.

30) What kind of car do you drive?
Car-ry me dey go😂😂 Okay, I really need to start going.


Thank you for reading this and every one of my other posts. I do not take the likes, comments, and views for granted. This new blogging year will surely be better than the last. I love love this community. Thanks again Fam❤

And yes, you can pick some of your favourite questions above and let me know about you in the comment section. I’ll be expecting your replies. Thanks for reading!


Published by Adeola

I'm an illuminated lamp to this generation. I'm an insurmountable teenager. I'm a fast growing poet and writer. I'm Peace of God

44 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary / Get To Know Me Tag.

  1. I’m sorry, I just had to laugh and I am laughing hard. What is going on in our world today? I’m going to ask again, please how did you come to believe some diabolical stuff?
    Anyways, it was nice getting to know you. I also hate truth or dare (whoever came up with that was either a pervert or a jobless person). Beautiful post! Well done 💙

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ahh…you’re not supposed to laugh😭😭 I honestly think Nollywood scammed me. Finally, I’ve found someone who doesn’t like truth or dare too. Very nonsensical game🤦‍♀️

      And yes, thank you for commenting, I really appreciate.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehehe
      I’m super serious oh.. it’s just been long ago.And if you’re not proud of me, who will 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      Anyway, thanks for commenting. I owe you one Pepsi😘😘(Discard abeg, na joke)


  2. What baffled me was your third wish. It sounded expensive but at that, you made me picture “beauty” from your own perspective.Nice. I loved the journey through your profile, twas hilarious and awesome. Keep it up. Love creative people like you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Just read this, it was cool reading this… I legit thought it was a TV interview cause I could picture each question and answer… How do we bloggers greet each other bayi? 😂😂 Let me say more blog posts dear 😂😘💗🙌….

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Haha😂😂😂 This comment had me rolling on the floor. I just went back to read this post and yeah, I sounded like I was been interviewed by BBC(I’m speaking into existence 😂)

      Thank you for commenting 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

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