New Beginnings

Hey Dears

Happpppppy New Yeeeeeear💃💃

I’m literally screaming. And yes, I know we’re five days into the new year already but I’m still as excited as the day we started the year.

Fam, It’s been a lonnnnggg minute. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss this platform. Very much. I’m sorry I had to take an unofficial sabbatical leave but yeah, I’m back now with a bang, hopefully.

Welcome to the start of a whole new decade. Finally, 2019 with all its good and glorious happenings is over and done with. Hallelujah somebody!!☺️☺️

I’m not that big on giving advices but I’ve got a few words to say; Dear friends, in this new year, endeavor to be intentional about your walk with God. Set achievable goals and determine to actualize them. Live a life of Purpose!! (This can’t be overstressed) And do make sure you live your best life this year, remember life is short!!!

Again I welcome to the fifth day of 365 more blissful days.

May you find joy and absolute happiness in everything you do.
May your dreams come true.
May you have reasons to keep smiling always.
May you find a reason to live.
May you find your path. Your purpose in life.

And while on the journey to becoming, when you feel lonely, tired, frustrated, dejected and all that negative vibes, don’t give up.
Instead, remember where you started from, who has brought you this far and shine on like the star that you are.

May you never lose your wonder.

Cheers to new beginnings 🥂🥂

See you soon😘😘

Published by Adeola

I'm an illuminated lamp to this generation. I'm an insurmountable teenager. I'm a fast growing poet and writer. I'm Peace of God

11 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Happy New Year 🙌🏿😊🎉. There’s so many reasons to smile. We made it by God’s grace. We thank God and are surely looking forward to what God has in stored for this year. Have a blessed and fun filled year 😊

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