You Will Find Love.

Disclaimer: This story is kinda long. But it’s worth the read. So please enjoy yourself while reading🤗🤗

“What’s going on here?” Goodness asked. “What happened to Shola?”

“I don’t know either oh, all I know is that I came back from my regular evening classes to find her crying. I’ve been trying all my efforts to make her talk. But no, she refused to say anything” replied Mary.

“Babe, but you know that you can’t keep doing this to yourself. Whatever the issue is, you can always talk to us. That is why we are your best friends, darling. So tell me, what exactly is the problem?” Goodness said again.

Stuttering, Shola replied amidst tears “I..I was coming from the.. from the choir rehearsals this evening, when I.. when I decided to visit Jide in his hos.. hostel..” She burst into uncontrollable tears again.

“And then, what na happened?” Mary asked.

“Did you guys quarrel?” Goodness said this time
Shola replied nodding her head in the negative.
“Did he beat you?”
She nodded in the negative again
“Shola biko talk for christsake!! Abi what is all this one sef.”

“I found a girl in his room,on his bed, almost unclad. In fact, they were together on the bed when I entered his room.” Shola finally said.

“Ohh myyy.. I’ve always known that Jide was up to no good. My instincts told me the very first day I saw him. And you know my instincts naw, they don’t lie.”

“Goody!!! Is that what you should be saying to Shola right now? I mean who cares about your instincts here? Let us attend to our best friend now. She needs us.” Mary cautioned Goodness who was already babbling about injuring the so called Jide.

“Babes..shola managed to say.. this is the second time I’m experiencing this. Is something wrong with me? Am I being followed? No just tell me. First it was Timi who cheated on me with my childhood friend now it’s Jide. Abi is this relationship thing not programmed for me too ni?”

“Don’t talk like that, every one has a right to love. It wasn’t made for any special person. It just can be right, if only you’re with the right person” Goodness said this time around in a more quiet manner.

Mary stood up from the only sofa in the dark room and hugged Shola from the back “And apparently Timi and Jide are not the right person”

“So do I go looking for the right person now, do I endanger myself to the risk of suffering another heartbreak all in the name of finding the right person?” Shola said

“Dearie, you don’t have to stress yourself, take your time to discover yourself. The right person will truly come” Mary said.

“How else can I discover myself? Am I not pretty enough or even brainy enough to discover who I am?”

Goodness now joined her two besties on the bed, stroking shola’s hair like a baby when she finally said “No Shola, that’s not the discovery you need to make. Go on a journey of self discovery and you’ll see who you truly are. Leave all this boy issues for now jaree”

And in the serenity of the dimly lit room,the three besties managed to console themselves to sleep.

Days rolled by, weeks passed, all along those periods, Shola had immersed herself in her school works. Running around with projects and busy with her supervisors and professors. But even with her busy schedule, all she thinks about is Jide. Whenever she remembers the image of that evening, when she’d gone to see him, we would always burst into tears. Not minding who was nearby.

But this particular morning, she’d woken up with some kind of relief, like a burden had just been lifted from her head. So hurriedly, she decided to read her Bible before going out. Flipping through the pages of her Bible, the first place her eyes went to was Matthew 6:26;

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and every other thing shall be added unto you”

Not quite understanding the message of that scripture, she flipped through the pages again and saw another verse from Proverbs 3

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He’ll make straight your paths” verse 6.

Like a mighty, rushing wind, understanding flooded Shola’s heart. Did she really know God? Have she ever desired to know Him? Fine, she did devotions, she wouldn’t be allowed into the choir if she didn’t. That was why she had to oblige. What was God’s plan for her life besides education? On her bed that morning with her bloodshot eyes, she prayed quietly and fervently asking God for divine direction.

A week after that encounter in her bedroom, Shola was taking a stroll around the school environment when she saw someone running towards her and calling her name. It was Matt, her departmental mate.

“Shola please wait. I’ll like to see you for a minute” Matt pleaded after catching up with her.

“Alright.. I’m at your service sir” she said, giving a funny, sarcastic bow”

“You and all this your jokes ehn”

“Hehehe.. They surely deserve a stand up comedy show abi”

“No ohh, how about a sit down comedy show?”
Matt said giving her his own sarcastic look now.

Laughing now, Shola said “Lemme alone joor. To think that I never knew you were this funny for the past 5 years of being in the same department.. This life sha”

“Naso na. Maybe we’re never meant to be close to some people until the right time. I actually have a little job for you”

That was how they found themselves walking towards Shola’s apartment. Apparently, Matt had come because he wanted her to help him with a particular article addressing the issue of abuse among women, that he was to submit to the school management. Seeing that it was actually a small job, she gladly helped her new found friend with it.

Several months passed, graduation in the air. Shola and her besties finally convocated. Soon, they were posted to various states for service and almost lost contact. Shola who was posted to Zamfara state, found an interest in Human Right Activism. Since the day she wrote that article for Matt, she had been having this nudgings in her heart to go for it. To become the voice that human, especially women seeks. And Zamfara provided her with just a great opportunity to fulfilling that desire.

She joined a Human Right Organization. Became a very active member there. She devoted herself completely to their services. Counselled so many mothers, sisters and friends in the right way. Most times she went extra miles by sponsoring some of their kids to school. Despite all the sacrifices, she found unspeakable joy in her heart everyday. When it was finally time to leave Zamfara,she knew for sure what God has in store for her. Her voice is going to become a voice to the voiceless wherever she goes to.

Immediately she got back from Zamfara to Lagos, Shola got a call from one of the biggest NGOs in town asking to resume work on the Tuesday of that week. Entering into the company with a feeling of joy mixed with fear, she sat besides the receptionist and waited for the boss. Engrossed in her phone, she didn’t hear when someone called her from behind. She only looked up to find a handsome looking dude wearing a black and polkadot white crispy ironed shirt and a nice trousers to match.

“Matthew!!!” Shola screamed when she saw his face. “Oh my goodness!! You’re looking so good now oh”

“See who’s talking, Madam of the beauty nation. Our royal highness. I hail ohh” Matt said grinning

“Oh please, don’t just start with all the pleasantries biko”

“Wait.. don’t tell me you’re the renowned Activist my boss was informing me about earlier?”

“I guess I am”

“Wow!! You know what, we definitely need to see after today. Mind if I take you somewhere today or some other day?”

“Yeah sure. Tomorrow is okay by me.”

With that they exchanged contacts and promised to see the next day.

After that day, Matt became a part of Shola’s life. He’d always call her in the morning, send messages during office hours and will not sleep without listening to her voice. She also got caught up in the wind of attraction that was blowing presently. But somehow in the depths of her heart, she didn’t exactly know what she was supposed to do.

“Dear Lord, please don’t lead me on if Matthew isn’t the right person still. Please Lord, don’t make me feel helpless again” Shola prayed until she heard God’s voice gently speaking to her;

“There is no fear in love for perfect love casts out all fear.”

And with that, God came through for her again as always.

Fast forward to now. In a well furnished room with neatly wrapped presents scattered all around the room, Mary and Goodness stood by the mirror, mouths agape, looking at their friend who looked smashingly beautiful in her white wedding gown for what seemed like years.

“What’s with the face and silence now? Or is the gown not fine? Is it my make-up? Or the jewelleries?? You people should talk naa” Shola asked suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“Iyawo calm down for Jesus joor, everything is very very okay. And I must say, this is the first time I’m seeing you with this glow” Goodness said

“I tell you, the things Matthew does to you ehn” Mary teased her while she helped her buckle her shoes.

“Whoever said love is not sweet?” Shola asked.

“You ohh” the two girls chorused.

“If not for God, you’d have ended up killing yourself over one unworthy Jide”

“Goodness eee, you this girl, you’ll never change” Mary said as she playfully twisted Goody’s mouth

“Biko leave me alone ohh.. let’s start…

Just then, a knock on the door stopped Goodness words and Shola’s Mom shouted from outside the door

“Won’t you girls come outside or will you take forever to get dressed?? Ehnn? Hurry up and come out ohh,we all have a wedding to attend”

Oh yes!! We have a wedding to attend.

Dearly Beloved,

You will find Love. But first find God and find Purpose ❤️❤️❤️

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