Sincerely;A Conversation Between A Sinner And God.

I say the sinner’s prayer like my life depends on it. Going back to my country called sin and falling back to my dead end alley.

I’ve walked long aisles to take communion,to receive annionting but walk proud down the streets of perdition.

Jesus your son came to die for the world.
Yeah right. I’m not of this world.

Jesus your son came to call out.
Too late. I’ve been sold out.

Sold out of the fold. Sold out of humanity.
I belong to a race where aliens are worshipped than true sons.

I’m now mortally immortal. Mortally backed up with the support of a god. My god.

I once walked with you. Prayed to you. Seeked to listen to you. Begged to see you.
But where did all that get me?? Nowhere!!

Whenever I walk with you,it seems like I walk with some ignorant faceless beings.

Whenever I talk to you,my four walls are so cold and my ceilings too tight to relay my words to heaven. So everyone stays Mute.

Whenever I seek to listen to you,you turn your back reminding me of how big my flaws are, contending with the massiveness of your Grace. So I stay put!

Whenever I beg to see you,you shove my past,my failures,my lukewarm spiritual life into my face and beg me to see them before seeing you. So I got blinded!

Got blinded to the bliss that followed an intimacy with you and got swayed by the misery that followed an intimacy with the devil.

But in that misery,will I stay.

Mama said you left the ninety nine to find one sheep.

I was that one but you never came for you.

I was not a sheep,I was a wolf. And wolves,you don’t do!

Religion was a thing I took to heart so I don’t end up on the streets with no one to fend for me.
So I played the pretend game pretty well.

See me lifting unholy hands that punched noses to God on Sunday services.

Taking communions with lips that cursed some minutes before.

Getting wasted on Saturday and going to church on Sunday with my holier than the priest’ regalia.

Going back from service to a handful of pornography disks stacked up behind my beds.

Call me the saintly sinner.
Guess the devil wouldn’t even beat me at the game of pretenders.

But in the middle of my escapedes,I know I truly need you.
I know I can’t go on this way but do I want to stop??

Shadows of doubts cloud my mind, hazing my views.
Facedown on my knees,I know I need to wholly believe you.

But my faith isn’t in your words. It resides in the aftermath of my actions and words after this world. It’s me sensing the inferno hell has in store for me.

I’m a Victim to this World. And You can’t Help Me.
I’m Beyond Repairs. And You can’t Help Me.

I’m Filled with Scars leaving no space for Overhaul. And You can’t Help Me.
You are Capable but You won’t Help Me.


Child,I saw you walk through the valley of shadows of death but yet I chose you.
I saw you swagger through life dangerously and yet I need you.

You complete me child. I’m nothing without You.
For which God creates a thing He never loves? I love you child. Very much.

But when you went back to the house I saved you from,a little hurt filled me up. But I won’t stop chasing you.

I’ll go back to that house and reclaim you.
Your brother Jesus came to save you. But you say you’ve been sold out.
So He stays out until He finds you and brings you back home.

Home is not a place where aliens are worshipped.
No! They’re merely worshipped.
They don’t rule like Sons. And a Son you are Son!
You are my legitimate blood bought child.

You call yourself a wolf,I created wolves.
Not even strong enough to earn the King of the Jungle title. So Son, you’re not strong enough to run away from my grip.

In the middle of your aforementioned walking, talking,seeking and fellowship with me, I was there all along.
Listening, caring and preparing to show myself to you in a grand style.

So when you think I didn’t listen, check your ears.

When you think I thought your sins were too magnificent for Grace to behold,check your distabilized mentality.
Grace found you even in your oceans of sin.

When you think I shoved your pasts into your face,check your ego.Your ego instigated that.

Shadows of doubts still clouds your mind even after I made it known that I the Lord isn’t a God of Confusion??
Before you doubt me Son, doubt your doubts.

Doubt them and see how dead they are.
And if I could give life to dead souls how much more your faith??

Child,your faith isn’t in your words. It resides in my Words.
Faith is not about you believing and accepting an end I already conquered.
Your faith isn’t about being blind.
It’s about you believing that I’m paving a way you haven’t yet seen. The best description of blind!

And no you’re not a Victim to this world but a Victor through my word.
And if you think you’re beyond repairs,my hands that carved dry bones will work Miraculous arts into your soul.

I’m Capable and I can Help You.
A Sinner you were,a Son you’ll become.
You were a lost sheep with no idea of who you were or where you were going
But now you’ll be named and kept for good by the Shephard of your soul.

Let me Help You Son.
Let me help you.
Sin might have made you weak, called you a failure.
But I’ll take your weak hands and give you muscles far beyond your imaginations.
I’ll take your frail body and make a hero out of it.

You’ve been running for a whole long time Son.
I won’t stop chasing you
Running after you
Pursuing you
Till I find you and I hold you and I grasp you and I tell you how much I love you
I won’t stop running after you.


Published by Adeola

I'm an illuminated lamp to this generation. I'm an insurmountable teenager. I'm a fast growing poet and writer. I'm Peace of God

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  1. Now, this is an article everyone should read… ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Clearly exposes us to the supernatural power of the love of God.

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