Peace:A Cry Of Our Hearts.

I come from a land that flows not with milk and honey.
I come from a land messed up with paintings of dishonesty and potraits of lies.
They say the land I come from used to be a Greenfield turned into a battlefield.
The land I come from is a paradoxical Hell on Earth.
They say we’ve never had good leaders.
The ones we elected or the ones who belligerently elected themselves.

None was good.

They set out with the goal of making things okay.
Yes they did win but they never changed history.
They sit in sophisticated offices.
Amassing wealth and craving societal fame.
But,they fail to see the millions who in wars have died.
They fail to see how poverty has become our general challenge.
They fail to see the flood caused by orphaned tears.
Instead they recognize the number of houses that needs to be vandalized.
For execution of unaccomplished projects.
They recognize the number of people that needs to be laid off.
They recognize the number of tear gas needed for riot control.

Yet we watch
With our mouths opened.
Voices heard even in the Sahara.
Drowning in our own rivers of tears.
Blood. Chaos.
We see the splatter everywhere.
We know we need absolute peace.
But our posterity is impaired with gross darkness.

So we would believe in something called Hope.
We’ll hope that we wouldn’t be homeless.
We’ll hope that peace is restored.
We’ll hope that sufferings cease to exist.
We’ll hope that our Nation becomes great
Because after the hate comes love.
After the discord comes solidarity.
After the famine comes abundance.
And after the war comes peace.

I have told you this things so that in me you may have peace.In this world you will have troubles.But take heart! I have overcomed the world(John 16:31)

This is the assurance that we have in you Lord Jesus that you’ve overcomed the Earth. You’ve stormed the gates of sufferings and toilings and came out victorious. So we pray for peace. Peace that passes all human understanding. Peace that fills every corner of our country,our homes and our lives. We speak peace to Nigeria and to every one of our leaders. We speak peace into the economy of our country and we ask that it falls into the alignment and balance God created it to be.

We speak to the hearts of various victims of societal challenge,to the hearts of the depressed and to the hearts of your people Lord. We ask that we become lighthouses of your peace and your hope. We stand against violence in our country. Against corruption, against loathing, against prejudice, against fear, against chaos. This is where the war ends Lord. This is where it all ends. ‘Cause peace is a promise you keep.

Glory to God!!!

Published by Adeola

I'm an illuminated lamp to this generation. I'm an insurmountable teenager. I'm a fast growing poet and writer. I'm Peace of God

5 thoughts on “Peace:A Cry Of Our Hearts.

  1. Peace and tranquility….
    Harmony and serenity…
    Concord and Unanimity…

    Words that would soon be realistic in the nation Nigeria…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This poem is so touching! The sad ting is it’s so true. It’s just reminded me of the transformative power of Hope. With hope we can get through anything 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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