The Journey Begins

Hey beautiful and amazing people!! Trust you all are doing fine.My name is Adewole Adeola Peace of God. I’m a new blogger( I should be excited,right?) I’m a very cool, creative, humorous teenager that loves God passionately and would like to inspire other teenagers in all aspects (Hard right, but His grace is sufficient) I’m a poet and a writer and I’ll like to share my ideas with y’ll.

Yeah,so this blog is a whole new concept for me but with the help of my inestimable readers, we’ll be able to pull this through.Now, I’ll be talking majorly on the different things that we teenagers face and how it affects us directly or indirectly. Everything ranging from personal relationship with God to relationships with the opposite sex and also building the future you’ve always desired. We’ve had enough of the adult talks and their stern warnings. Let’s all talk to ourselves as teenagers to teenagers. Don’t you think it’s gonna be fun? I absolutely think so too!!

Expect stories, poems,prayers and everything,I repeat, everything that concerns teenagers and I’ll wouldn’t be doing the talking alone.Come be my guest, feel free to comment, like and share with other teenagers around the globe.And yes, I’m so open to questions, suggestions or compliants.Your feedback is always appreciated and it goes a long way in encouraging me.I see this blog going higher in the next six months.Do you too?? Common journey with me on this adventure and I promise you wouldn’t regret it.I love you guys always and I can’t wait to hear from you.

P.S:This blog is also open to our lovely parents and would be parents.
See you soon!!

Published by Adeola

I'm an illuminated lamp to this generation. I'm an insurmountable teenager. I'm a fast growing poet and writer. I'm Peace of God

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