The Growth Process: Generation Z.

Hello family. It’s Dee again. I missed you all so much! I took a not-really-deserved break but I think I’m back on board now! I hope you all are good and that 2021 has been wonderful so far? I’m rooting for you whichever way.

A week ago, Twitter was on fire with banters from Millennials and generation Z. While Millennials think the latter is rather immature and over-privileged, Generation Z thinks they’re too uncool and might have walked in the footsteps of older generations. Just so you know, I’m here offering moral support to Gen Zs😘

Millennials are those born in the mid-80s to the mid-1990s while Generation Z are born between 1997 to 2012 (23-9)

To be completely honest with ourselves, we all can’t grow without personal development. And as much as we need all-round growth in every area of our lives, there are vital areas we should really prioritize. Today, I’ll be sharing 4 important areas we need to grow as Generation Z (you’re welcome 🤗)

1) Physical Growth.

This is the development of body composition, stronger bones, and muscles.

Practical Tips on How to Enhance Physical Growth.

  • Eat Healthy Foods: The same food that does magic and nourishes the body can harm you when taken without careful consideration. Stay away from junk if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. Take in more vegetables and fruits. You could be creative with this and do a fruit salad. Instead of carbonated drinks, try blending fruits to make juice or make smoothies.
  • Exercise Daily: You don’t need to own a gym membership card before you can exercise. Jog around your neighborhood. There are several stay-home exercises on the internet. I’ll recommend you check out Chloe Ting on YouTube. Brace yourself up though for a memorable experience. But if like me, (*hides face in shame*) you can’t handle Aunty Chloe, then you could get a skipping rope and challenge yourself daily. It’s important to know that you don’t necessarily exercise to shred weight but to keep fit.
  • Staying Up Late is NOT the New Cool: I know this could have been arguable if it was in the era of midnight calls and extra cools (Sorry, Nigerian millennials) We’re Gen Zs and we have WhatsApp calls and FaceTime. Lol. Healthy sleep duration is for seven to eight hours a night. Not the next morning. That’s why God created the night, you know. Sleeping early legit makes your day better by far and if not for any health reason, do it to wake up less grumpy in the morning.
  • Laugh More: According to research, laughter is the best medicine for human health. Imagine having to do away with Paracetamol or even worse, Coartem, because you laugh so much. What a blessing!
  • Be Positive: Have a positive attitude. Smile always. Do good to yourself and everyone around. Only entertain positive thoughts. You’re not a failure. You’re a blessing. A success. A trailblazer.  Reserve your energy for better things than quarrels or keeping malice with another person. This will drain you. Finally, my brethren, resist the urge to use the F-word on haters, or rather, 8ters.

2) Emotional Growth.

This refers to understanding what our feelings and emotions are and how to manage them effectively. I hear some people say Gen Zs are most likely to turn out spoilt (when we’re not fried rice😒) I think it’s wrong. Maturity in this area depends on how intelligent you are emotional.

Practical Tips on How to Enhance Emotional Growth.

  • Accept Responsibility: It’s not a weakness to be responsible. Know when to say sorry and to apologize when you’re wrong. Ignoring or avoiding responsibility only shows how immature you are.
  • Own Your Mistakes: Hard! I know how you feel. Nobody likes to be criticized, scolded, or punished. But that’s exactly what you might get when you own up to your mistakes. The good news is that it allows you never to make the same mistake again.
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries: This has to deal with the people you relate with. Set standards for people even your friends. Don’t just keep going with the crowd, but intentionally choose who you call friends and set boundaries. If you’re not comfortable with the way they tease you, the jokes they make, the things they do towards you, let them know! If some people’s toxicity is too much for you to handle, let them go!
  • Manage Your Negative Emotions: I know how passionate you are, that whenever you’re angry, your words could burn down an entire village. I know what happens when you’re overwhelmed, you try to shut every person out of your life. It’s best to know how you react in certain situations and work on them if they are not good enough. Try talking to a close friend or even a sibling when you’re overwhelmed. When you’re angry, try breathing practices (Old but golden!) Examine what you want to say in your mind and have a meaningful conversation with the person that offended you.

3) Academic Growth.

This involves the improvement of things related to learning and studying in a school or college environment.

School na scam, school na scam, but everybody wants to have a profession, and undergraduates want a magna cum laude result. (Graduating with honors)

Practical Tips on How to Enhance Academic Growth.

  • Set a schedule for study time. Let this schedule include the subjects or topics you would like to go through, set a preferable time for each subject. Go through questions from previous exams to test yourself.
  • Recognize your weakness in subjects or topics and effectively work on them. You could ask for help from senior colleagues or classmates who are good in those areas.
  • Do not be an island of knowledge. Get friends that have the same goals as you, which I think should be to succeed. Start a study group with them. Together, you all can achieve more and be better.
  • Discipline is the Key: It’s one thing to say “I’ll do it.” It’s another thing to actually do it. Be disciplined enough to let go of procrastination and laziness and actively focus on your studies.

4) Spiritual Growth.

Of course, I saved the best and the most important for the last. This is the advancement of the relationship between God and Man. The best kind of relationship everyone must have, I tell you.

Practical Tips on How to Enhance Spiritual Growth.

  • Pray Daily: Prayer is communion. It’s worship. It’s loving God. It’s for self-edification and it promotes spiritual growth. Prayer should be done intentionally. Leave it to your feelings to make time for you to pray and you’ll find yourself not praying for weeks. Find a STABLE place and choose a FIXED time when you want to pray. Then you remain consistent and show up daily!
  • Study The Word: Studying the word is as important as prayer is. The word is what sharpens our life, gives us direction and clarity, and guides us on the journey of life. Make out time to study God’s word. Not just reading it but meditating on it and applying it to your life. That’s where your all-round growth lies.
  • Listen to Sermons: You know what’s better than having a great leader and preacher of the Word? Two or more great preachers!! I’ll recommend Pastor Mike Todd. Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Apostle Joshua Selman. Their sermons are available on YouTube.
  • Read books by Christian authors. You don’t where to start from? Try Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, then come say thank you later. Read works of Karen Kingsbury, Opeyemi Akintunde, and other beautiful Christian writers. You can follow my blog too for edifying stories and articles☺
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Write down how faithful God has been to you, write down testimonies of what He has done for you. It’s your track record of God keeping His word.

Growth is a process, as we all know. A journey. Sometimes smooth. Sometimes like a rusty vehicle on a bumpy road. Still, we strive and work hard to become better versions of ourselves.

I’ll be rooting for you, as always.

I love you all❤

He Who First Loved Us.

Running had been Tola’s favorite sport in elementary school. Several awards and medals of various colors of the tournaments she won were littered around in her parent’s study back in their family house in Lagos. But lately, Tola was done running. It seems to her that the older she grew, the bigger the things she ran from. She wasn’t just in a track meet, waiting for the referee’s whistle to blow. Now she was in life’s pitch and her knees are too wobbly to move.

“Dedun, I think I have a problem,” Tola said to her roommate, who had been reading from the Kindle app on her Tablet.

“What sort of problem?” Dedun, said nonchalantly, without looking up from the phone in her hands.

“I don’t know too. I feel like I have a problem in virtually every aspect of my life.”

“Ahah. But you do so well academically and you have a comfortable family who loves you.” Dedun sat upright now, paying attention.

“That is it! That love is my problem. I don’t seem to know how to show love and look, as much as I’m popular and smart and all, I don’t feel loved sometimes. Most days.”

“Wow. That’s new. But you have family and friends who genuinely loves you.”

“I do. I know I do but sometimes I think I’ve worked so hard to earn their love and so I have to keep working harder.” Tola sighed. “And the things I have to do makes me feel so empty!”

“Empty?” Dedun asked, skeptically. “Tola what is the source of this discussion?”

“Trust is, just last week I was in a group of people that I would formerly tag ‘the lowliest.’ There was nothing spectacular about them yet they exuded this kind of grace and joy, Dedun, you could actually see the spark in their eyes as they talked about Jesus. I wanted what they had but I didn’t feel worthy of it at all.”

This was happening! Dedun thought. Her friend and college roommate of two years was finally talking about Jesus! Don’t miracles still happen?

“Wow. Where did you meet this group of people?” Dedun asked.

“At the restaurant. Of all places! They came to eat and I sat opposite them watching them intently. They talked as if Jesus was right there in their midst, grinning at them. The love they had for this man was so evident that you would think He’s real.”

Dedun had been praying for the moment this conversation would happen and here is her chance to finally talk to her friend.

“Well, He is. Jesus is most definitely real.”

“Lmaoo. I know you are one of that i-go-to-church-regularly kind of girl but you and I both know you don’t meet Jesus seating on the front pew of your Sunday services. You won’t find him reading the Bible on the alter or doing those other things you do in the church.” Tola said.

“But we do feel Him! Of course, he won’t be there physically on Sunday services but He’s still so real, so close than the very air we even breathe.”

“I don’t know man. I just want to have a spark of what I saw in those guys.”

“I’m pretty sure you can. And yes, it still balls down to Jesus.”

“Dedun, I hope you know I’m a Christian too. I go to church back home and I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s just so incomparable with what I saw back there. Jesus isn’t just someone you bring up anywhere and wherever. We were taught that he lives in the sky, a place called heaven, that only goody two shoes who have ticked the boxes of every dos and donts he gave them are allowed into. And people like me, who find it hard to go a day without telling a lie, belong to the dungeon below, the one blazing with fire. I mean, how do you expect me to feel the existence of such a cruel personality?”

By this time, Dedun was almost choking from so much laughter. Tola got more infuriated and playfully kicked Dedun’s feet.

“Stop it. I don’t see what’s hilarious in this!” Tola said.

“First of all, who taught you these gibbers!?” She was curled up on the floor, laughing hysterically.

“Please leave me alone joor.”

“Okay, seriously speaking though, do I look like a goody-two-shoe?”

“Sometimes you try to be one. But you’re just generally sweet except during times like these when you laugh during serious moments.”

Dedun laughed again.

“I’m no goody-two-shoes and yet I’m very sure of the fact that Heaven is my final destination after this life.”

“How are you so sure about it?” Tola asked, confusion spreading through her face.

“Because God loves me!”

“That’s my point! You’re a sweetheart, everybody loves you. And look who the stable rebel is. Yours Truly. It’s hard to love a renegade.”

“Not my God though. At least, if you don’t remember anything else from Sunday school, you’ll remember the story of Jesus’ birth. How royalty was born in a manger, how he was made to become man, someone who has spoken and dined with Angels. How he had to suffer through the crucifixion and so many other trails on Earth. Why did you think he went through all those troubles?”

“I don’t know. For history to be made?”

Dedun’s face spread into a wide grin. Her friend could see she was fighting hard not to laugh.

“History was actually made but he did all that because of the love he has for humanity. Could you please help me recite John 3:16?”

Now Tola was the one laughing. “Bold of you to assume I know it. I haven’t opened my only bible in years”

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him..” Dedun recited.

“..will not perish but have everlasting life!” Tola finished the words, fists pumping in the air. “I know it! There’s still hope for me.” She shrieked while her friend joined her in laughing. One would think they were drunk with wine.

“That is it! The basis and foundation of all humanity has to enjoy. Love. The one that comes from God. The one he showed by giving up his only son. To actually die for our sins. And in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Dedun stood up to get water and continued after she was done gulping the water.

“He didn’t die because he was sure we would all repent. He didn’t die because we did something memorable for him while he was still alive but he died that we would have life and have it in abundance. His death has ruled out our death.”

“I’m no longer understanding oh, babe.” There was a hint of disbelief on Tola’s face.

“See, ever since Adam and Eve sinned back then, man literally signed a covenant with death. Separation became a thing. But God had a plan of redemption and that’s the laying down of Jesus’ life. So yeah, Jesus died to eradicate the covenant of death and give life instead.”

“Wow. So that means I don’t get to die anymore and actually stop worrying about death every minute?”

“Yes oh. Men who have accepted Jesus don’t die! We only sleep after we stop existing on Earth. Our mainland is Heaven.”

“But Dedun, you know I don’t have the best records. I mean, I suck at this Christianity thing.” Tola said, feeling a bit exasperated.

“Have you even heard anything I said at all? God loves you despite all you’ve done. He died for you while you still a sinner. God loves us so much to have laid down a plan that included us long before we came to Earth. After we accept Him, he totally cancels our sin! Every single one of them. And now, there’s no condemnation to them who believe. All those shame and guilt that stays heavy like a backpack on your shoulders, you don’t need them anymore. Christ has forgotten about your sins the moment you accept Him.”

“Oh my God! Nobody really explained this to me.” Tola gasped.

“And I know, being a believer isn’t a walk in the park, but look who empowers us?”

“God does?”

“Yes oh. He doesn’t start a work that He won’t finish. That’s why he gave us the Holy Spirit the moment we believe and accept Him. It is now the work of the Spirit to teach us and guide us into all truth!”

“Omooo!! See wisdom. Gosh, I’m beginning to see why you guys love Him so much. See Dedun, I want to experience all these too.”

“We love Him because He has first loved us. And if you’re ready to accept Him into your heart, it’s so easy. Just say these prayers.”

“Guy, I’m soo ready!”

“Dear Lord, I come to you today with my sins, I admit that I have fallen short of your glory, Lord. I believed you lived on Earth, you died for me, rose again and you’re still living. Thank you for making me a new creature. Father, transform me, renew me, and change me with the help of your Holy Spirit. Amen.”

After reciting the prayers, Tola looked up to her friend and muttered a quiet “that’s all?”

“Yes, that’s all. Welcome to the family of Abba’s children, Tola. I’m super happy for you.”

“Me too!” She said, shrieking.

“Now please can you make us dinner? I want fried plantain”

“Anything for you, Milady.” Tola said bouncing into the kitchen.


If anything is most real in my life, it is God’s love for me. If anything is more magnificent, more amazing, it is how God’s love has changed and transformed my life.

2021 is a blessed and glorious year. (I’m sure of it!) Now imagine spending a year with God’s love radiating all over you! What manner of bliss!

Start this year with God’s love. Believe and accept Him into your heart today and watch how he’ll transform you from the inside out.

And if you think that you have drifted apart from God, felt unmotivated to keep your relationship with God going, He will never turn His back against you. You are forever loved by God.

God is love and even when we were still sinners, so steeped in sin and shame and guilt, His son, Christ, died for us, guaranteeing us a life that never ends.

Happy New Year, Fam❤️❤️❤️

P.S: If you would like to accept this offer of everlasting love, please do say the prayers above or reach out to me via email.

I love you💞💞


It was midday in Akure. The city bustled with commercial traders going about their businesses. Vehicles moving to various destinations. School children marching down the roadway in already rough uniforms.

Nobody noticed the black Sedan Jeep following Barrister Paul. Nobody saw the Jeep take the same turn that the Barrister took to get to his house. No one even noticed the driver of the Jeep when he slowly crept out of the car and stealthily entered into the Barrister’s compound, following him.

The house was empty so nobody heard the grunts coming from the Barrister who was struggling with his enemy. Of course, he knew who he was. The driver of the Sedan Jeep is an officer of the law who is being arraigned in court for unjust practices. Barrister Paul had refused to accept the bribe offered and stood defiantly on his case. He already feared something bad might happen to him. What he didn’t know was that it would be a bullet in his head.

His wife would return from the office with his kids to find daddy sprawled on the floor, blood gushing everywhere, splatters of his brain out.


She was 15. He was 17. He was her mother’s sister only child. She wanted to get something down the road that evening so he escorted her. Close to the shop where the goods she wanted to get were sold, they got stopped by these men in uniforms.

“Where una dey go?” They barked, pointing their bright torchlight to their faces. It wasn’t even that dark for them not to see.

“We just want to get something, sir,” they said, scared to death.

” Which thing? At this ungodly hour of the day? Abi you dey do ashewo work. And this small boy, see the hairstyle on his head. You must be doing illegal stuff”

“No sir. We’re still students in school sir. Nobody is doing any illegal stuff” The two of them pleaded with their voices trembling.

All their explanations fell on deaf ears. None of their appeals were heard. They weren’t even granted access to call their parents.

Soon, these men were bundling the 17 years old fresh out of high school boy, into their vehicle taking him to their station while the girl was taken to a nearby bush to be sexually assaulted, punished for her sins of walking freely.


‘Help me oh!!! The cries were coming from a woman, running bare-chested on the street. Tears falling down her cheeks. Hands gripping and pulling out her neatly braided hair.

Was she mad? The neighborhood thought.

“Help me oh. They have taken my son. They have carried him away.”

The people-watching tried to calm her down. But she wasn’t having it. Instead, she spread out on the muddy pathway. Rolling from end to end.

“Ify my child would never hurt a fly” She cried out to nobody in particular.

“He cannot even properly kill a chicken. But they say he’s a criminal because of the big phone in his hands” Onlookers stopped, listening to the wails of a sad mother.

“They said he’s a fraudster only because of the way he dressed. Nobody saw any weapon with him! They didn’t even find a gun with him! Yet, they beat him up and take him to their prison.”

“I’ve searched around all the police stations in this city, but he’s nowhere to be found. They have killed my son ohhh. They have killed him for me” She kept wailing.

4 years and a few months later, this woman kept groaning, except it was only in the corners of her house and there was still no trace of her son, Ifeanyi.


Mary had always heard gory stories of what it feels like to be in prison. She had never met an ex-convict, so these stories were from people whose imaginative prowess wields emotions. That night, she sat on the floor of a cold and dark room filled with the stench of urine. Several odors wafted through her nose, she could almost throw up. Have these people seating close to her even had a shower?

“Hey you, wetin you do?”(what did you do) A thick, almost masculine voice shouted at the extreme of the room.

“What is your offense?” How can a woman’s voice be this thick? Mary thought.

She drew in a long breath and said “I went for a protest”

“A protest? You fight?” The woman asked again. Seemed to Mary like she was the gang leader of her cell.

“No ma’am. I didn’t”

“You kill?”

“I did not and will never kill anyone”

“You break bottle for head?”

“Never ma’am”

“Okay na. In that case, welcome home.” The thick woman said, sounding like a tout.

What home is she referring to? She was only detained here. She knew she would get out of here in no time. Hell! She did nothing wrong.

Just then a finger poked her ribs and Mary turned to see a young, slim woman.

“I went for a protest like you too. For my school in the North. It’s been 2 years now and I’m still awaiting trial”

“Whatttt?? 2 freaking years!!?” Mary screamed.

“They said I instigated the protest that brought pandemonium when it was the Police who didn’t understand the meaning of a peaceful protest and started shooting when they got intimidated.” The woman continued.

“If you believe in anyone who isn’t human, if you believe in God, start praying now. Cause once you’re in their grip, the law can do little to save you” The woman turned away and rested her head on a slate.

Mary sighed. She searched for words but found none. She shut her eyes, trying to see if this was all a dream but opened them to find people staring back at her.

“Dear Lord, please” She finally mumbled.

These short stories might be fictional but it is very realistic.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was created by the Nigerian government to guide the citizens of this country from armed robbers and to eradicate armed robbery in our environment. Over the years, these people have clearly shown to us who the real robbers are. They profile youths with nice cars, iPhones, and youths with designer clothing ( How low!)assaulting, harassing, and exploiting them.

This government squad has now been changed to Special Weapons And Tactics(SWAT)

Our people in Nigeria are being killed, punished, raped, assaulted by the ones meant to protect us. Many Nigerians have experienced several terrible encounters with these people than armed robbers.

On October 8, Nationwide protests began in full swing. Our youths are coming out and saying enough is enough.

But what do we get?

Shootings. Teargas by the police. Unlawful detainment of peaceful protesters. Harassment and so many unspeakable things.

Jimoh Isaiq died after he was shot by the police. His crime? He was watching people protest from a distance.

Ikechukwu Ilohamauzo died, hands in his pocket. Not to draw out a rifle. He was shot because he was only looking.

16-year-old Tina was standing by the road when a trigger-happy policeman’s bullet stray hit her. She didn’t survive.

This could be me tomorrow. This could be you. If we don’t speak up to end this menace in our country, I tell you, lives will be in serious danger.

The youths of this land are protesting, day and night. We’re raising up our lost-but-now-found voices. We’re on our kneels interceding for the peace of this country. People are providing funds and sourcing for things. I can never be more proud to be a Nigerian at this moment!!

To join this movement, please search for the following hashtags on Twitter #ENDSWATNOW #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY. Please lend your voice. If you can’t go out to protest, please tweet and retweet continuously.

Do not forget to pray, our victory comes from God.

Tell others, our parents, friends, relatives, share it with our foreign friends. Share this news on all social media platforms. If you have the sources, please send funds. This fight isn’t for the youths alone, it’s for everyone.

We are tired of accepting this tyranny.

We’re tired of watching with folded arms.

Now we speak up! Now we demand our rights!

This Win Is Ours.


Dear Future Husband.

It’s been over a year since I last wrote to you

Since I last wrote down manifestos, structures or project plans of what our love story would look like.

Built our foundations with borrowed plans from society and other picture-perfect couples

Mapped out our journey based on fantasies and deceptive ingenuity

And it’s been a year of learning

And following a lead.

Following the principles of the one who before we drew first breath, knew our beginning from the end.

Who wrote in a great book, innumerable promises that would remind us over and over again of how much He’s interested in our lives.

Who had me convinced that I didn’t need to write our story

But to submit my pen and watch how it unfolds.

Dear future husband,

I have not come with sweetened words or plethoras of promises that might be hard to keep.

Today, I have come with questions.

Have you come to fully understand what love means?

Not the love that wants to see beneath my outfit

Not the love that’s being defined by society or pop-culture

But the love that is from God. That is God Himself.

Have you come to fully understand that we can’t do life together, love as we ought to if we don’t give the Holy Spirit the key to our hearts?

If we don’t let the only begotten of the Father be the foundation

We’ll be like builders who sleep while watching the city.

Have you come to realize that we can’t fully love each other, thoroughly know each other if we still neglect the Father?

Or don’t even know what His voice sounds like

Do you think we can come together as broken people, wishing to fill the broken pieces of ourselves?

We’ll be a mess if we haven’t been made whole by the Father.

Have you any idea how vulnerable and open we’ll be with each other?

How we’ll learn to forgo our past and place our future right in God’s hands all the while doing the present being led by the Spirit?

How committed we’ll stay with each other?

Choosing each other daily till forever?

I want a love life devoid of selfishness, self-centeredness, putting flesh above the spirit, loving on our terms, jealousy, impatience and envy

And to want a stable relationship with you is to have a real relationship with God.

I know these things might not come easy to me, maybe to you too.

But you know what I’m most certain of?

With you in my life and with the Father’s Spirit as a guide

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can love you wholeheartedly.

Give my heart, soul and body to you.

Be your biggest supporter

Your truth, your guidance and your friend

Through Christ who strengthens me.

And I really hope that this God strengthens you too

That you have come into a place of surrender and submission with Him and nothing in your life is done without Him

Even when it involves choosing me.

I really hope that you have gained freedom from whatever baggage you might have

And healed from whatever wound you might have.

So when we meet

Our Two becomes One.

Formed by God, Chosen by God, Called by God, and Joined by God.

And now this three remains

Faith that our life together is a huge representation of heaven right on Earth.

Hope that you’re somewhere pursuing righteousness, faith and peace(might be me)

Love that we both have for God and for ourselves even before we meet

And the greatest of this is Love ❤️

~Adeola Peace.

Whew! This is me being a hopeless romantic writing this not-so-poetic-words to somebody’s son in my rawest, spiritual form. I really hope someone out there reads this and learn a lesson or two from it.

Love is beautiful, wholesome and unique when God writes the story.❤❤

Two Awards In One!!🥳🥳

Hey Fam, welcome to yet another post on this blog. Make yourself comfortable if you’re new, and if you’re not, I love you very much for always coming back.♥️♥️

I got my first Blog Nomination award!! Not just one but two!!

I’m so happy I could share a plate of hot Jollof rice and chicken to everyone.

Now shall we;


Hearty cheers to Herry Chic Counsels for nominating me for this award. Please visit her blog for spiritfilled and inspirational Christian content.


1)Thank the blogger who nominated you

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3)Answer the questions that have been asked

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Questions and Answers

1) What does sunshine mean to me?

The start of a new day. Light. Radiance.

2)What inspires you the most?

Precious Holy Spirit. A forever inspiration. And yes, my family. Not to sound cliche, but they’re my inspiration in human body.

3)Are there any kind of thought that pops in your mind frequently? If yes, what do you think is the reason behind it?

These days I find myself thinking about living life and fulfilling purpose, living life and making an impact even if it’s in just a soul frequently. I guess Chadwick Boseman’s death created a new passion in me. The passion to live and affect lives no matter how young.

4)What are your opinions about the phrase ‘Reflect on life’?

You see, most times, this thing we call life can be a lot more overwhelming than we prepared for. It doesn’t hurt if you take a break and just breathe while you allow yourself get acquainted to the changes we experience, the visions we have, the goals to be met at the same time resting.

5)Do you spend sometime with yourself? If yes, how?

Very much. I read, write, try to write songs. I know this might sound weird, but yeah, I talk to myself. It helps me get out of my head sometimes ☺️☺️


The Whosoever Tag 

Special shoutout goes again to Herry Chic Counsel. Thank you so much for these nominations. Please, don’t forget to check out her blog.♥️

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” ~ John 3:16

And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. ~ Mark 8:34

Here are the rules:

1)This tag is for any follower of Jesus who wants to do it. If you love Jesus and are a “Whosoever”, you are tagged.

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1)How old were you when you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and savior?

I was 15 at that time.

2)How many times have you been baptized?

3)What bible story or verse puzzles you the most?

The story of prophet Hosea and his adulterous wife.

4) What’s something you’d like to know about heaven?

Life in eternity. Is it going to be like our everyday life on Earth or just a life of everyday worship?

5) Who’s the first person you knew on Earth that you’ll look for or you hope will be waiting to greet you at the pearly gates?

My young family friend. Died at a very tender age. It still hurts when I remember.

6)Why do you think the streets of heaven are made of gold?

The Bible said so. And I think Gold is a treasure that’s associated with royalty and we all know who the King of Kings is; God.

7) What’s ONE burning question you can’t wait to ask Jesus?

Wow. This one is sketchy but I’ll actually like to ask why He takes the ones we love soon梁梁

8) Other than Jesus, what person from the Bible are you most interested to meet?

Mary. I’d like to ask her about Jesus’ childhood days. (and maybe quietly ask if He sometimes caused tantrums)

9) What are 3 things you won’t miss on Earth?

The uncertainty. The Instability. School 

10) What’s the best spiritual advice you’ve ever received?

Live your life day by day by grace depending on the Spirit and carrying Jesus on your head.

My nominations goes to whoever reads this post. Feel free to answer these same questions and post on your blog too.

Thank you and God bless you all.


The Believer And Depression.

I had a rude awakening sometimes last month on believers and depression. I know it may sound a bit hard for Christians to come out and acclaim that they are going through depressing situations, because scripturally speaking, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

For someone who likes to have a plan of what my future would look like, this year has provoked whirlwind of events, I never could have predicted. Coupled together with loss and grief and helplessness, the feeling of having to do something worthwhile but lacking opportunity, at the same time having to postpone whatsoever plans I had made.

Anxiety would always find its way into my heart slowly like a thief in the night, stealing joy, and carting away with the little strength I have.  News after news that I saw on the internet, breaks my heart into tiny pieces. Tears gathering in my eyes, reluctant to fall down my cheeks.

I spent days moping around the house, fighting negative thoughts in my spirit. Every single time, I kept asking myself if that is what I should do as a believer. I believe Jesus would have stood up even when the storms raged and declared peace, He would have recited scriptures upon scripture, taking hold of every thought, taking them captive and bringing them to His Obedience.

I willed my heart to believe that I have the Authority, the same one that Jesus had to take my thoughts captive, to speak joy into my every depressing situation. I wanted to believe that that was what Jesus would have expected from me. But somehow, my heart didn’t just get the memo.

Today, I bring you a narrative from the Bible, someone who had walked in my shoes and maybe yours.

Prophet Elijah.

One of the major prophets in the Bible who did awesome, jaw-dropping works and wonders in Israel. One who had stood right with God that he didn’t see death. This man looked at mighty kings eyeball to eyeball and spoke of God’s punishment on their reign. He slaughtered 450 prophets of the idol, Baal, without hesitation. Raised the dead, spoke to God directly. He was a man of Faith and a powerful man in the Bible.

One day, after declaring war on the family of King Ahab, he could feel his strength slipping through his hands. After hearing the threat of the Queen, he lost it! He ran far away from the City and went to a thick bush to hide.

‘Common Elijah, you just finished clearing up 450 men, you have just called out fire from heaven to burn up a sacrifice that’s literally dripping with water, a threat is so small for you’  We would have thought, at this point.

But He was done with it! He was tired! Broken! Exhausted!

“God, can this just be over and done with?! Can you just take my life?! Let me join my ancestors, none of them even did what I did, and they are resting well!” Elijah cried out.

Of course, some of us have been there, done that. Questioned the reason for our existence.  Was so tired of living that the idea of not living looked pleasant to us.

Tired of complaining, Elijah fell asleep. God looked from heaven with compassion in his eyes as he sent angels to come to be of help to him. God definitely knows the magic food does to man’s heart because he sent the angels with food and water to nourish him.

‘Get up Elijah, go on a journey, stay there till I pass by’ God commanded.

“God, show me your face! I want to see you! I want to hear your soothing words” I would cry at that time in my life.

Elijah went on this journey and came to Horeb, stood on the mountain and waited for God.

Truly a hurricane wind passed through the mountain, shattered rocks and guess what? God was not in the hurricane.

In my quest to finding peace, I might have expected an intense, heavenly invasion. Like the host of heaven would just arrive at my place that day and fill me with so much joy, happiness and strength. But none of that happened.

Elijah waited again, and this time, it was an Earthquake. Oh! God must be one to show up in a grand style. But, that wasn’t God.

Since I didn’t get an invasion, I might have waited for a groundbreaking, earth-shattering encounter. In my head, I imagined having such a powerful encounter that even my neighbours would tell the tales. But there was nothing!

Just my tears and my weary soul.

After the Earthquake at Mount Horeb, came the fire. Yess! The consuming fire is here. God is here! But He wasn’t present either.

Oh, since I didn’t experience an invasion and an encounter, maybe God will show up in a revival. Maybe if I pray for more fire in my bones, I would find peace. I thought.

At this point, Elijah must be tired because I was.

‘God, are you playing games with me? I just want Peace of mind. I just want the reassurance of your promises. I just want you to tell me what to do with my life, in this period of uncertainty’ I cried out again.

And then came the quiet whisper. On the mountains of Horeb and in my heart.

God is speaking! God showed up! And then in the whisper, God brought the solution. For Prophet Elijah, it was a person, someone who will follow after his footsteps all the while supporting him while he was still alive. To me, it was this peace that surpasses human understanding that I felt, knowing that no matter what happens, God will always have my back.

Oh to you it might be a person too, or an encounter, an answer to prayer, or an idea.

You see, as believers, it’s okay to experience depression, to be anxious. It’s okay to throw the towel in and bawl our eyes out.

What is not okay is to remain in the storm. What is not okay is to turn your back against God. What is not okay is to assume that God would never help you or is incapable of helping you, because He is always willing to help.

Maybe God is waiting for you to take a pause, to breathe, to rest. To stop worrying about a future he already predestined for greatness. To forget about a past He already revoked.

Maybe He is asking you to just listen to His calm voice like the soothing sound of an ocean after a stormy night. He’s waiting for you to be still and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He’s GOD.

I end with this scripture.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2 NIV

The Bible didn’t record that we wouldn’t pass through stormy waters. It didn’t say they there wouldn’t come a day when our faith isn’t tested by fire (read as trials) It didn’t say that we wouldn’t pass through oceans that we think might drown us.

What He said is that, we will not be consumed. Read that again.

The flames, the trials, the tears, the pains might come, but remember, we will not be consumed.

Maybe you don’t see it now, maybe it’s hard for you to feel God in your situation now, remember that He’s working. Always working. And He will never stop working.

I love you all forever.❤❤

Recommended  Bible Text: 1 Kings 19

Who Am I?

“Mirror mirror on the wall

Who’s the ugliest of them all?

Mirror mirror on the wall

Surely, the fattest amongst them”

And then the mocking laughter of skinny high school girls followed.

That was the chorus the legion of girls gathered at the school’s bathroom would always sing whenever I stood by the mirror staring at the awful, fleshly-without-any trend, sad soul that I have become.

Okay, that was exaggerated. I have always been fleshly in every direction.

I grew up sucking my tummy in, so my classmates wouldn’t remind me of how flabby they were. I grew up accustomed to the name “FAT” so you can call it my middle name. I was scared of trying new clothes on because I believed they wouldn’t fit anyway.

Nobody, I mean, nobody liked being seen with me. Really, who wants to be friends with a person who don’t belong? I was trapped down by people. Called names by them. Hated myself for being so fat.

People who tried to be nice would call me beautiful when I wear the crown of a mess so well. I am tired of living. It takes effort to breathe and not wish to break. It takes effort to feed and not retch after. Right now, I still avoid the mirror. I still don’t have friends. I still hate myself.


Students in blue and white uniform scuttling all-around at 9 am on Monday morning only meant one thing. Test results are out. I clutched my school bag tightly and slowly walked to the classroom. Noises and gentle whispers flew around as everyone tried to see what their results were.

‘Micheal’ The teacher called out my name in a very stern manner.

‘Ma’ I managed to mumble a reply.

‘Come to my table and get your results’ She said.

My legs were wobbling even as I stood beside the teacher’s table waiting for the results. Finally, after what seemed like ages to me, she handed me a white file. I thanked her and turned to take my leave.

‘Come back here mister, don’t you want to tell us what your test results says?’ Oh wow. Something is definitely wrong!

‘Ermm.. should I?’

“Yes you should, everyone already did.”

Shivering, I opened the file and saw my results. All Fs. Why wasn’t I even surprised? This won’t be the first time.

All eyes were on me at that moment. Everybody wanted to know what Michael’s results were. Maybe because everyone knew me better than to expect something praiseworthy or commending. Their eyes held embarrassment in them.

“It isn’t good ma” I finally said to the teacher.

“Alright, you may go now” she said, shaking her head in disappointment.

Dragging my feet with me, I walked to my seat and watched my small world crumbling.



My name is Melody and I’m the girl you see on the billboard of my school and on the billboard of the only active basketball team in town. I’m the 14-year-old 6ft tall, dark-skinned(more like black) girl.

I’m the youngest yet the tallest among my colleagues.

You see, people love me, or at least, they say so when they need me. Need me to play a game on the basketball court because, for a tall girl like me, basketball should be my calling. Need me to shine my 32s and model for the school even when the photographer is looking at me with prying eyes and so much scepticism, wondering how I could be that tall.

I’ve been tired of my life since I was old enough to know how abnormal I am. I couldn’t sing in children carols because I looked like every one of the kid’s elder sister. Couldn’t attend Kindergarten because the teachers doubted my age. No normal toddler was supposed to be that tall.

I couldn’t attend school parties with a date because it somehow deflates the ego of boys to be the short boyfriend to the tall girl and a girl who looked like what the world was before God said ‘Let there be light’

You see, I don’t hate myself anymore. I’ve done more than enough in the past.

But I blame myself. I blame my parents for providing such genes and creating a baby monster(not my words, but one of my notorious classmate) I blame my teachers for being so sceptical. And I blame my colleagues for letting my colour and my height obstruct them from seeing my good heart.


3 people, 3 different stories. 1 major crises.

Identity. The question of “Who am I?”

Naturally, when we get asked this question, the first way to respond is to say our names, probably brag a little about our success, our jobs, our titles and achievements.

So what happens when we don’t meet up to the standards that society has created? When we don’t fit into people’s opinion of us? When society calls you the opposite of beautiful? When they make you feel less accepted and loved because of something that you can’t change? What happens to us then?

We begin to create a new name for ourselves. We begin to lose sight of who we are in order to fit into the opinions of other people.

Your identity is not defined by society neither is it defined by your personality or bodily features. It isn’t defined by your achievements or success story. Your true identity comes from just one source; God.

The moment you come to know God and genuinely believe in Him, you’ve been given a new identity. A new name.

Only the manufacturer of a product can know the intricacies of such a product. So also, only God, the creator of everything that has breath, can know the details and exquisiteness of such creation.

And here’s the wonderful news! God knows you! He knows every bit of you and He named you right when He made you. But do you know who you are?

When you look in the mirror and think you’re ugly, do you know that He calls you beautiful?

When you look at your exam grade and see a big fat zero, do you know that He still calls you a success?

When you think nobody likes you, do you know just how much He loves you?

When you see yourself as a mess, do you know that He calls you His masterpiece?


You are a Child of God.

You’re Incredibly Loved by God.

You’re Free from any Condemnation.

You’re Enough in Christ.

You’re Completely Forgiven.

You’re seen as Holy and Whole in the Father’s eyes.

You’re Made Alive in Christ.

You have Access to the Father.

You’re Blameless and Completely Without Reproach.

You’re Never a Failure for you have the Mind of God.

You can do ALL things Through Christ Who Strengthens you.

Still in doubts of who you are? Go over these lists and many more in the Bible (I’d strongly recommend you read Ephesians chapter 1)

Believe them with your whole heart. Confess them daily. Know these and know peace. Know these and know freedom. Know these and know who you are in Christ Jesus.

His Masterpiece.

The one He knew was worth dying for.❤️❤️

Dear Struggling Christian.

These are words from one of you.

Someone that knows the frustration that comes with being a struggling Christian.

Someone that has doubted over the years if perfection is such a realistic goal. I like to think that in this journey of faith that we are in, we’re not exactly perfect, we’re just a work in progress aiming towards perfection.

Truthfully, I know how frustrating it can be to be a struggling christian. In recent times, I’ve been hearing/ reading about people who’ve lost touch with God and fallen apart from Him because of all the struggles it takes to be a christian. To them, it involves hard work and no social life at all.

But I come with good news. You can be a believer and still live a glorious life without struggling. Here are some things you should know.

1)Christianity Isn’t Hard.

Christianity might have been tagged hard but really, it isn’t. It’s not about you ticking off the big box of dos and don’ts. It’s not about you working hard, doing hard jobs in the church, praying long hours and reading the whole Bible in a month just to earn God’s love. No!!

Christianity is all about the heart. You accepting God’s love, believing in His son and allowing the Holy Spirit lead you in all you do. It’s the work of the Holy Spirit to teach you, guide you into all things and show you how to be a better Christian and guess what, the greatest news is that once you’ve accepted Jesus as your savior and invited Him into your heart, the Holy Spirit has automatically been given to us. He’s a free gift! Not something we worked for or earned. A Bonanza! The best buy one get one free, just that in this case, it’s accept one, get one free.

2)You Must Always Remember God’s Love.

To me, that’s the most important part of our relationship with God. You must know that even when you act against His will, even when you climb mountains today and declare that there’s no God, He’s watching from heaven with eyes full of love waiting for you to acknowledge Him.

Even when you fall back to your beseting sin and you let guilt and shame lead you away from Him, He still loves you and forever will. In that while you were still sinners, Christ died for you. He did what no one has ever done for us in history by laying down his precious son. Trust me, no one goes extra mile for someone they don’t love.

*For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:38‭-‬39 NIV*

3)Allow the Holy Spirit Lead.

Like I stated earlier, we’ve been sealed with the guarantee of the Holy Spirit when we become saved, but it takes our willingness to engage Him in order to get filled with the Spirit. Engaging the Holy Spirit simply involves you allowing Him into your everyday life. Have you tried talking to the Spirit?

Yes, you can always talk to Him about every little details of your life. He’s not limited only to your spiritual growth but all round growth. He was given to us to make our lives easier. So why struggle with spiritual activities or some habits when you have the Spirit in you?

When you’re weak, ask Him to strengthen and quicken you. When you don’t even have the right words to pray(P.S: You don’t always have to have the right words before you pray) ask the Holy Spirit to intercede on your behalf. He gives all the encouragement, guidance and support you will ever need.

*In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.
Romans 8:26‭-‬27 NIV*

4)Be Ready to Grow.

God’s love doesn’t give you the avenue to take Him for granted. That His grace is sufficient for us doesn’t mean that it’s okay to live in sin. Accepting Jesus into your life means that you really want to know Him beyond the surface. And the only way to do that is to get into the Word, the Bible, pray and just worship God.

Remember how that relationship adviser you’ve been stalking on Instagram always points out that “Communication is key” Yeah, so it is in this case. You really cannot know someone beyond the surface level if you don’t talk to them, can you?? To me, that’s a big no. God is waiting for you to talk to Him while He’ll answer you in return. So that question, that pain, that beseting sin, that thing you’ve always wanted to know, don’t bottle it in anymore. Pour everything right at the bottom of the Lord. And be patient because He’ll definitely answer you.

5)Little Strides.

You should never berate yourself and get yourself worked up when you see people that are younger and way higher than you are spiritually. Don’t rush into deep spiritual matters because your friends or mates can now preach from pulpit to pulpit, heal the sick and raise the dead. It’s a matter of growth, remember?

Take baby steps. Never really prayed before? Start small! Try 30 minutes then move it up to a hour then two hours and see how you’ll become so used to praying for long that 5 hours will become nothing to you. You don’t have to finish the whole Bible in months. Try reading a chapter or two per day. Don’t go about praying in tongues till your tongues hurt. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you praying in tongues for 10 minutes. God will never be angry at you.

This is a journey, not a smooth one to be very honest. There are days when you’ll feel very weak, moments when you wouldn’t remember how to pray or what it feels like to talk to God, there are times when temptation will overcome you. You must always remember that your heavenly Father loves you no matter what and He’s still waiting for you. So to every time you fall, don’t let guilt eat you up and don’t let shame get to you. Run back to Him and His word then see how He’ll transform you from the inside with the help of the spirit. He’ll perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13 NIV

17 Under 17.

Hello World!!

Welcome to June! My best month in the year.

And yes! Wait for it…

It’s World Dee’s Day. My birthday!! Hurray💃💃💃(this is the part where y’all, my loyal fans reading sing the popular birthday song☺️)

The Beginning 😍

Being a teenager who’s pretty much trying to figure LIFE out, there are some lessons that I’ve learnt during these past few years that have helped sharpened my reasoning and taught me how to become who I want to be.

Today I’ll be sharing 17 of them as I turn 17 too. I hope it does help you too.

1) God Comes First.

Being a believer has got to be the most important and essential part of my life. Having a solid relationship with God is the best decision any teenager would ever make. Everything I do revolves around Him and everything I am and will become is through Him. ‘Cos with Him we can be rest assured that our future is safe. And what better time to start than now, being young??

2)Have Lots of Acquaintances But Choose Your Inner Circle Wisely.

Having friends are important as you cannot live life alone. For interaction and social purposes, we all need friends and acquaintances but we must be intentional about who we allow into our inner circle. Your inner circle consists of your closest friends, people whom you are accountable to and sure that you are all faithful and very loyal to each other. Basically your cheerleaders on good days and your support system on bad days. Trust me, everyone needs friends like this.

3): Be Kind.

A little kindness here, a little kindness there, is what makes the world sustainable and a better place to be. Nobody is born unkind. Remember that always.

4) It’s Okay to Be Abnormal.

Now before you jump on me, take a chill pill😉 Truth is, society will always try to label you in one way or the other. They might call you weird, a freak, quirky and other abnormal terms. It’s okay to be Abnormal as long as You are You. Be real in every aspect and tune down the voices and opinions of what society says about you.

5) Family is Indeed Everything.

No matter how cliche this sounds, Family is everything. Your parents and siblings, there’s no way we can do without them. Quarantine really showed me how grateful I should be for my family. Be open to them as they are very particular about your growth. They have your best interests at heart too.


6) School is No Scam.

In our very woke world of today, Education is and still will remain the key. In living out your dreams, you need to be educated. Work towards achieving high grades in school and colleges. Please don’t stay comfortable with being an average student. You can achieve more!

7) Learning Has no Limit.

There’s this quote by Dr. Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you’ll know. The more that you’ll learn, the more places you’ll go.” Learning is as essential as living. Yes! Don’t stop learning. From parents, tutors, books, friends, and people who have achieved in life. Learn everyday.

8) Have Healthy Relationships.

An healthy relationship is one that’s built on trust, support and honesty. One devoid of malice, jealous, envy and every other toxic behaviors. In everything you do, run away from relationships that stresses you out and hinders your growth.

9) Be Positive Always.

Right from the moment you’re up in the morning till you hit the bed at night, always maintain positive vibes. It helps you see life from a different and better perspective. Smile always, speak affirmative statements to yourself, be kind to everyone and keep friends who only share your positive vibes. You know that phrase they say about bad energy? Yeah, let them stay very far away 😎😎

Smile Always! Close-up’s Brand Ambassador 😎

10) Adulthood is Not The Time to Enjoy Yourself.

This used to be me. Believing that the only time I can fully enjoy myself is when I finally blow 😅 How wrong! Start now people! Start enjoying life even from the little you have. Adulthood has much more plans for us, and life is too short to not enjoy.

11) Failure is a Part of Life.

Yeah! Read that again.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with failing. Failure makes us learn from our mistakes. Teaches us to become better. Be like the mythological Phoenix. Rise from your ashes and even if you burn again, rise again!

12) Don’t Rush Love.

As a teenager, love (with the opposite sex) is not the priority. Don’t rush into any relationship as it is almost certain that you’ll rush out. Learn to love yourself, work on your future goals and your dreams, be stable in your emotions, values and finance. Speaking on this might take a whole blog post so I digress.

Oya pause and just lukat at God’s creation for a while ❤️🤩

13) Be Brave.

Be brave to face your fears. Of course, along the road, you’ll be afraid of trying new things, taking risks and even falling in love( as simple as that might be) Be brave to fight your demons. Demons in this context translates to envy, bitterness, jealousy, low self-esteem and other traits that will weigh you down on the journey of life.

14) Personal Development.

Don’t let your dream just be a “dream”, don’t spend time wishing away. Pack your suitcases, buckle your shoes(in my headmistress’ voice😂) and work towards achieving it. Those skills and talents you have, improve them. Those you want to learn, start now. Those habits you want to stop and you want to cultivate, start now! Be passionate about something that’ll help you immensely in the future.

15) Avoid External Validations.

This is so dear to my heart, because I believe learning this at our young age is going to go a long way in shaping us for the future. By all means, avoid thriving on the appraisals of people. Don’t lose sight of who you are to focus on what others say about you. There’ll be days when the road gets dark and everyone leaves, you’re all you have, well, asides God. The only thing that should matter to you is who God says you are. Believe His words and believe in yourself too.

Shine your light⚡and your teeth too😁

16) Be Grateful.

For the little things, the big things and the things yet unseen, be grateful. For every single person that surrounds you, be grateful. For the haves and have-nots, remain grateful. You never realize how much blessed you really are.

17) Live! Love! Enjoy.

Live Life!
Love Everyone!
And Enjoy Life!
When the world gets too loud, when the stress makes you weak, remember to pause, take a deep breath and just enjoy living.

Phewwwww! I’ve said more than I intended but it’s all good.

Here’s to Learning
Basically to Growth.

Cheers to 17🥂🥂


The Justice Claim.

Standing right beside me on the accused bench of the Supreme Court of the World is a man who I’ve never met in my whole life. Not like I’ve met many people too. But this man, is a downright, conniving liar.

“Mr Man, are you sure of everything you have said?” The judge spoke from the bench with a shaky but yet high pitched voice denoting my dread for the judgement that is about to follow.

“I’m very sure my Lord” said the man standing beside me.

“You mean you’re ready to accept this criminal’s case file and let me acquit him?”

“I’m very ready my Lord”

Now just wait, there must be a little drama going on here. I’m the criminal (I’ve been called that name all my life) From lying to stealing to raping to cyber fraud and then killing, I’ve done all kinds of abominable acts and yet this man who looks like someone who can never hurt a fly let alone a human being take my blame. In case you don’t know, he’s going to be punished for my sins! Nope, somebody better call the director of this movie out from wherever he’s hiding.

“I hereby declare according to the laws of this land that Me Emmanuel has been found guilty of all the charges directed at Mr John which includes the killing of a prominent Chief in town after his intentional defraud and the forceful rape of his daughter. The court hereby sentence Mr Emmanuel to death by hanging”

The last word echoed loudly through the courtroom as the judge hit the gavel on the the wooden table indicating finality.

“Noooo!” I shouted out. “This is not real. I’m a sinner. The criminal! I killed the Chief, raped his daughter, stole money from several people! Not this man cooking up lies.”

“This man is now guilty of all your charges and you’ve therefore being acquitted and freed. It will be better you do so in peace and in the most tranquil way” The judge said fuming.

“What do you stand to gain?” I said turning to the man, disregarding what the judge has said. By now there was uproar in the whole court and the clerk’s effort to call into order was virtually wasted.

“Answer me! What the hell are you doing? Trying to become a hero? You’re on a mission to saving the world right? And see the so called judge believing your cock and bulls story. Didn’t he see my picture with a gun in my hand right in front of Chief’s house after my last operation? Didn’t he?” I said defiantly, letting out a sarcastic laugh.

“Quiet! Mr John. Let there be decorum now!” The judge flared up.

“No no no, I’m not done here. Remember the highway gentleman the news was talking about some years ago, the one that even the Inspector of Police was willing to grant a million naira to whoever finds him. I’m that guy! The gentleman on the highway and you want to let me go?”

“This man here claims to be him” This time, the clerk with my case file spoke, pointing at a side of the file in his hands. “His name covers yours now.”

“But I’m the highway gentleman! I did all that not him! Listen up man, What Do You Want From Me?!”

“I came that you may have life in abundance.” The man replied back with a smile on his face.

And in that moment, I could feel all my resistance going down. I’ve done nothing to deserve this kind of a favour from a total stranger.

“I don’t need your help man. I got myself into this and I must save myself”

“Maybe sometimes in you life you need to understand that there are some debts you can’t pay. Let me help you with this one” The man said.

“But I don’t know you from anywhere”

“You don’t need to. My Father knows you and He even loves you. He calls you his son

“My Father died years ago”

“Yes, he saw that happen and was so scared that you’d hurt yourself so he sent Josh your way.”

“Does he know what I did to Josh?”

“The part where you murdered him in cold blood right in his kitchen, because you thought he was going out with your girlfriend?”

I was apprehensive. How in the world did he know about Josh, nobody else knows. “I thought? They were really going out together. He cheated on me!”

“But that’s what you thought, he was only leading her right, showing her the way, the truth and the life. You just let your fierce anger becloud you.”

“Whatttt? My goodness! I don’t believe you. See why I don’t need help. I don’t!”

“Well you don’t need help actually, but I’m here to render it so you really do not have a choice.”

“I DO!” I said defiantly, storming my feet on the ground.

“So tell me, you fancy being hanged on that wood outside, with reporters and cameras everywhere, waiting to see the downfall of the World’s Mighty Criminal? Why don’t you just let me handle this?” The man had a mischievous grin on his face while talking.

“You talk like it will be easy for you to do”

“Exactly! I know but it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Just go back home and make things right with my Father.”

“How? How do I get to your father?”

“Whoever gets to the son gets to the Father.”

“You speak in parables young man”

“Aha! Thought you wouldn’t notice. You see the moment I take every of your sins upon me and get hung on that wooden cross, you’re free and free indeed. But your freedom won’t come just like that.”

“Okay?” My heart was beginning to flutter. Maybe there’s still a little hope and a chance at redemption. Maybe I could still see the light flickering at the end of my dark tunnel.

“Call on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved. Delivered. Redeemed. Made alive. You shall be made right with my Father instantly only when you call on the name of the son.
And when you get to my father, stand in his presence as though you have never sinned. You’ve been accepted by Him even before you were born.”

“Your father?”

“Yes. My Dad. The same one who has now adopted you into the family.”

Uncontrollable tears rolled down my eyes as I watched how his face shone with so much light and love that in that moment, I wanted to experience.

“God… God.. God” I kept muttering.

And with that, the prison warden came and led him away to the place where his blood would atone for mine.

While writing this fiction, one song kept playing out in my head. It is a verse from Hillsong United “Grace To Grace”

…..If having my heart was worth the pain
What joy could you see beyond the grave?
If love found my soul worth dying for

How wonderful
How glorious
My saviour’s scars victorious
My chains are gone
My debt is paid
From death to life
And grace to grace.

Tell me a better story than the redemption story and I’ll wait. Show a greater love than that which Christ showed and I’ll wait. Tell of the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever heard and I’ll tell you about Christ who died to save the whole world.

He gave us freedom that nothing, not our fleshly desires, not lust, not external validations, not humans, not money could give us. The freedom of being a Child of the most important being in the world. How awe-mazing!

His grace is available for all. His love runs deep, never drying out. And He’s calling you to himself today. He has paid your debt already just come and receive this abundant Life that I now enjoy. For He has made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

If you’re ready to turn everything over to God, I’ll love you to say this short prayer.

Lord Jesus, thank you for being a good good father. For sending Jesus and saving my soul. For loving me recklessly and dying on the cross just for me. I accept you into my life now Lord Jesus. I proclaim you as the living savior who died and now lives that I might live too. Renew me father and help me to grow in you. Amen.

Now do you know the wonderful news? The Father and His hosts of Angel are now rejoicing mightily, happy that you’ve finally decided to accept the Lord of Lords.

I am happy too! So happy because this is the biggest, wisest and most valuable decision you’ll ever make.

Live beloved live! ‘Cos it’s just as simple as that. I love you, always!


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